The Queen of Television Movies and Mini-Series: Melissa Gilbert.

Melissa Gilbert is a famous American actress and writer. She is well known among people due to her wonderful acting skills. Laura Ingalls Wilder is a very famous role played by her in Little House on The Prairie. This show was telecasted between 1974- 1984; this proves to be one of the best shows performed by her. She also witnessed her presence in more than 45 movies and television programs combined.

Melissa is mostly known as ‘The Queen Of television’ due to her adorable performance. She had two terms in Screen Actor Guide as a president. The best way of knowing her is an autobiography of her written by herself. Her autobiography, Prairie Tale: A Memoir, was released on June 9, 2009.

Childhood and Early Life:

  • Melissa was born on 8th May 1964 and bought up in Los Angles, California, USA. The name of her biological father was David Darlington, and her mother’s name was Kathy Wood. Her parents were incapable of raising her, so they left her for adaptation.
  • little Melissa was adopted by Paul Gilbert and his wife, Barbara Crane. Melissa’s new mother was an actress and dancer, but when Melissa Gilbert was 8 years old, her parents divorced.
  • Barbara, her father, gets married to Harold Abeles. This marriage doesn’t last long; Barbara and Harold get divorced.
  • Sara Rebecca Abeles was the daughter of Barbara and Harold and sister of Melissa Gilbert.
  • Melissa was raised in Jewish tradition, but she had not yet converted herself into Jews officially.
  • Melissa Gilbert does her schooling at The Buckley School


Gilbert showed her earliest presence in television by doing commercials. She has participated in the role of Laura Ingalls and successfully beaten over 500 child actresses for the role. She gets a role during her time of schooling. This show makes her famous among viewers. The pilot, one of the best screens play done by her. After a year, Gilbert starts filming a series.

Gilbert becomes extremely close to the Landon family. After seven years of Little House, she was again contacted by Landon’s family. In 1979, she put her presence in many television series and movies. The Miracle Workers, Choice of the Heart, Splendor in the Grass are some of her famous screenplays. From the 1970s, her career was on the boom; she has done more than 45 shows in her lifetime.

Net worth:

Melissa Gilbert net worth is estimated to be over 500,000 USD. She gets her worth from playing roles in television shows, commercials, and films.

Famous films:

  • The Reluctant Astronaut
  • Nutcracker Fantasy
  • Sylvester
  • Ice House
  • safe Harbour
  • one Smart Fellow

Melissa Gilbert Spouse:

Melissa dated Rob Lowe and Tom Cruise when she was a teenager. She got married to Bo Brinkman on February 22, 1988. Both of them had a son named Dakota Paul Brinkman. Their marriage relationship lasted for four years, and get separated in 1992.

In January 1995, Melissa had her second marriage. Melissa Gilbert husband Bruce Boxleitner, who is melissa gilbert married to. She had a son with him; the two named him Michael. Michael’s name was given in honor of Michael Landon. Bruce and Melissa got divorced and separated their way in August 2011.

Timothy Busfield and Melissa Gilbert got married. Busfield is the current husband of Melissa. Timothy Busfield had three children from two marriages. Their marriage took place in Santa Barbara, California, in 2013.

Awards and nominations:

Melissa Gilbert is a well-known actress of her time. She gets nominated and won many prestigious awards in her carrier. Some of which are listed below.


  • primetime Emmy awards (1980)
  • Young Artist Award ( 1980, 1982)
  • Golden Globe Award (1981)


  • Young Artist Award (1982, 1983, 1984)
  • Golden Boot Awards (2000)
  • TV Land Awards (2006)


Melissa Gilbert was undoubtedly one of the prettiest actresses of her time. She takes good care of her physique. Melissa is 5’3″ taller in height and weighs 128 lbs or 58 kg. She has a fairer complexion and brown eyes, which increases her beauty. Melissa got beautiful brown hair which makes her look astonishing. She has an adorable personality and a beautiful smile.

Facts about Melissa Gilbert:

  • Melissa Gilbert was well known as ‘ The Queen of television movies and mini-series. She got this title due to her hard work and dedication to acting.
  • Melissa got married three times; Bo Brinkman was her first husband with her first child boy. Bruce Boxleitner was her second husband, and Timothy Busfield was her third and current husband.
  • Melissa has two children of her own and three stepchildren from her husband, Timothy Busfield.
  • At the age of nine, she beat 500 girls and got the role of Laura Ingalls Wilder on little house on the Prairie.
  • She met her 1st husband on a blind date and got married to him within two months.
  • She becomes the third member to serve as president of the screen actors guide in 2001.

Last lines:

Melissa Gilbert was one of the leading movie actresses and television series role players of her time. At a newborn condition, her biological parents left her for adaptation. Fortunately, her new mother was an actress and dancer; she helped Melissa develop acting skills. Little House on the Prairie was her first TV series which helped her in getting famous. She got many ups and downs in her life. She married three times and has two sons of her own and three stepchildren.

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