Pros of Different Kinds of Roofing Construction – What are the Points to Consider

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The roof is the most important part of a house, and perfectly constructed roof adds a sense of security as well as comfort in living. Nevertheless, creative roof design also enhances the aesthetic value of the house. Your guests and neighbors would appreciate the design or outlook of your house. Apart from these things, the roof is important to give you shield or protection from environmental changes. From scorching sun to hailing thunderstorm and from windy weather to nippy show fall, the roof ensures optimum comfort as well as security for the house in all conditions. Now, you may find different roof designs. What type of design would suit you the most? To find the answer, you can check the information given below.

1. Gable Roof

Gable roof has also been termed as the pitched or peaked roof. As the secondary term suggests, the roof makes peak like structure, which is similar to the mountain. In the USA, this has been regarded as the commonest roofing type for the contemporary as well as traditional houses. Those who prefer wooden houses mostly use this type of roof design. However, the same design can be seen in the case of concrete houses. There are certain pros and cons of this type of roofing. Those things will be discussed below. Before moving on that part, let us find a few additional features of this kind of roof.

  • Gable roof can be done with different kind of materials. For example, asphalt shingles, metal or cedar shingles, and various other materials can be used.
  • One can find different types of gable roofs. So, it can be further classified into crossed gable, side gable, Dutch gable, front gable, etc.
  • In the snowy region, gable roofing should be done with 10 to 12 pitch. Nevertheless, the slanting angle of the roof should be 40 degrees otherwise the snow will get stuck on the roof, leading to major damages to the overall roofing shingles.


Gable roof has been designed to shed water and snow. So, in the regions where rainfall is frequently, or winter observes heavy snowing, gable roof is recommended. Building this kind of roof will cause minor damage to the roof of the house, as it will not allow the water to stay on the roof and cause damages to the shingles. Another key thing is that the design is simple. Hence, expenses will not be too high with gable roofing.

Points to consider:

The areas, which remain high windy or hurricane prone, are considered as risky for the gable roof. So, if you are living in such areas, gable roof is not the best option for you. You need to find other roof designing options. For that, you can consult with professional roofing contractors. You can get in touch with Patriot Roofing and Construction Salt Lake City for consultancy service in this matter. The strength of the gable roof is not good, especially when the angle of the slanting planes of the roof is 40 degree. So, such roof may require periodic inspection and repair.

2. Hip Roof

After gable roof, the hip roof has been considered as the most popular roofing design in the USA. Almost 30 to 40 percent houses or mansions or villas have this type of roofing. Since it is widely popular, there must be a lot of advantages of this kind of roofing. In the case of the hip roof design, slopes can be found at all four sides. So, it can be considered as an upgraded version of the gable roofing design. The pros and cons of this kind of roofing have been discussed in the following section.


The hip roof gives more stability, which is not present with a gable roof. So, in windy areas or hurricane-prone areas, this kind of roofing can be done without any worries. The slope on all four sides makes the roof more stable, as well as effective to shed off the snow or water. It does not allow water to stay on the roof, and thus shingles have to suffer minimal water damages. For windy areas, 4/12 to 6/12 pitching has been recommended.

Points to consider:

Hip roofs are stable but quite expensive. Due to high expense, people opt for gable roofing instead of hip roofing. This type of roofing is most suitable for the large houses or villas. For smaller houses, the roofing can be done, though it would not remain cost-effective. Though hip roof does not allow water to stay on the surface, it is vulnerable to water leakage. Thus, it needs to be checked periodically. If there are any leaks, they should be sealed properly as well as immediately without any wastage of time.

3. Mansard Roof

The third type of roof in our list of the roof designs is known as a mansard roof. This is not a common roofing type, and it does not suit all sorts of houses. If you want to give your house a vintage look, this is the type of roofing that has been highly recommended to you. Also known as French roof, this roof features double sloping with all the four sides.


With mansard roof designing, extra space for a living can be created. This is the biggest advantage of this type of roofing. The design, however, does not suit contemporary houses. It looks well with the houses which are designed to feature vintage style or era. The roof construction is also simple, and thus it is highly budget-friendly. For maintenance, high expenditure is not there. So, from all aspects, this roofing type is suitable as well as beneficial.

Points to consider:

The low pitched portion of the mansard roof is not ideal for the regions where heavy snowfall occurs. Not just even snow; water can also get accumulated at the low pitch edges of the roof, causing water damages. Options for the materials for this type of roofing are limited. Generally, people have to go for metallic roofing solutions.
Apart from all these things, many other kinds of roofing designs can be noted. All of them have their unique features, pros, and cons.

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