Mobile Chillers & Cold Rooms: What You Should Know

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By Sarah Jay

We transport products that require a special environment using containers, with diesel generator appliances that maintain the desired temperature inside the unit, yet there are now clean energy options for mobile cool rooms, which comes in the form of solar-powered climate control.

Solar Mobile Cold Rooms

The unit looks similar to a traditional refrigerated container, but when a button is pushed, the solar panels automatically deploy and begin to store energy to ensure the interior is maintained at the desired temperature, which would typically be between +2C to +15C, even in environments with temperatures of 50C. The supplier has a range of sizes, ideal for every type of business, and with an online search, you can be viewing a range of units.

100% Off The Grid Application

The great thing about solar mobile chillers and cold rooms is they can be located in any remote area, as they do not require mains electricity or a diesel generator, rather solar panels are deployed, which charges the lithium batteries, ensuring you have round-the-clock energy to maintain your productivity. The units are currently in use across Australia, in even the harshest remote locations, as they offer a sure solution to goods refrigeration that does not require a connection to the national grid.

Wide Range Of Sectors

There are many sectors, both state and private, that rely heavily on solar mobile chillers and cool rooms, including the following:

  • Agriculture – Farmers require cold room solutions in remote locations.


  • Aquaculture – Fish and other marine species require regulated water temperature when being transported.


  • Aid And Development Agencies – They need to move medical supplies to hot remote regions.


  • Government Departments – There are many occasions when mobile cooling is needed.


  • First Responders – Of course, it is vital that first responders have access to medication that requires cool storage, and there are special units designed for emergency first response.


  • Event Organisers & Film Crews – When filming or staging an event somewhere remote, it is the ideal solution if you have solar-powered refrigeration.


Rather than using a diesel generator to keep your produce cold, the sun’s rays offer a clean and renewable option, and with lithium battery storage, your unit is completely independent and eco-friendly. 

Automated Solutions

The unit is programmed to look after itself and once the solar panels are deployed, you can rest assured your climate control is up and running and will not stop for any reason. UPS solutions are designed for remote locations, even in temperatures as high as 50C. If this system might be beneficial for your business, a Google search will put you in touch with a trusted provider who has all the solutions.

We are moving into a new age of clean and renewable energy. The solar mobile chiller and cold room offer clean energy for remote refrigeration and using the Internet, you can easily monitor the unit from any location.

We should all be looking at ways to reduce our carbon footprint and in the case of remote location refrigeration, there are clean and renewable energy solutions that do not pollute the environment.

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