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Apart from all content and material from textbook and lectures, a relation between teacher and student is also important for better learning of students. That is why every teacher who is popular among has strong and healthy relationships with his or her students. Through this relation, teachers maximize the learning potential of students.

All students are genius equally, and some even do the same level of efforts. The only bump that stops them to perform equally as top students is the mental block which stops them from unlocking their potential like learning and writing their own dissertation without taking custom dissertation help services. Building a relationship which can unlock all the blocks which are stopping students to discover his talent and skills is not easy. That is why I am writing this post to assist every teacher who is reading this article in which I am going to discuss some of the ways through which a teacher can build his relationship with students.

Become Popular:

Students tend to get more comfortable with the teachers who are popular in school or college. It is related to the human psyche or human nature that if we already know some things about any person, we become more comfortable with them even in the first meeting as compared to an entirely new person. That is why to be close to the students; you have to be popular among them, so you don’t have to make any efforts of becoming their friend and mentor. Students would come to you when they already know stories about you spread in school or college.

To become popular, you have to start working from the first day. You have to be the most favorite teacher of your first batch so they can pass your stories and fame to the junior ones. Once you are able to do this, the chain reaction will start, and then you just have to carry your things.

Provide them a structure:

If your classroom has a structure, you will get a response from your students. Having a structure leads to increase in learning and also students feel safe. This has been a common issue among teachers. Due to not having any structure, they lose time in instruction and fail to gain respect from the students. Setting a tone or routine of the classroom is important so students can expect something every day and they also come prepared for the classroom practices.

Spend time in knowing your students:

Students love to feel important in the classroom. That is why every controller or prefect in the classroom improve their learning and grades drastically. You cannot make every student a prefect, but there are other ways too through which you can make the student feel important for you.

You can ask some personal questions to students like how many siblings students have, what are his hobbies and what he or she likes to eat. The idea is to know every student personally which build a relation of trust between student and teacher and also allow teachers to get to know students personally which is useful for teaching.

Do not shy to crack some jokes:

Students love teachers with a good sense of humor. Teachers who know when to crack a joke in the classroom has always been favorite of all students. Moreover, it also helps teachers to teach boor and dull topics with fun so students would not lose their interest in the lessons. Through this, you can keep a healthy and friendly environment in the classroom and can also keep students involved in lecture instead of getting distracted of their own doing.

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