How to Look Naturally Beautiful (Without Makeup)


It sounds crazy, but achieving a natural look that actually looks good is very hard. Many of us often spend hours putting on makeup to achieve a no-makeup look. However, if you just follow a few beauty rules, you will manage to look like a million bucks even without caking products on your face. Here are a few tips for a naturally beautiful look without (or with minimal) makeup.

Put some time into your eyebrows

When you’re not wearing makeup, all the attention will go to your eyes and eyebrows. Make sure to shape your eyebrows in a way that will accentuate your face. If there’s a need, add a touch of dye or henna to tint your hairs (make sure to match your hair). If you’re not blessed with naturally thick eyebrows, a mixture of castor oil and vitamin A might give you extra volume after a few weeks.

Draw attention to your eyes

You want your eyes to look big and wide, so grab a curler and finish the look with a transparent gel. To get rid of those pesky dark circles under your eyes, you will need to make a little more effort. Start by boosting your diet with iron and vitamin B and get plenty of beauty sleep. Also, you can go with eye creams with retinol. A more natural approach is to make cold compresses with mint or green tea.


The best way to achieve that coveted no-makeup look is to start with healthy and clean skin. If you don’t have a lot of time to exfoliate properly, there are multi-purpose products that can tackle several issues at once. Some masks can feed your skin, but also give it a gentle exfoliation treatment that will remove dead skin and reveal a fresh complexion underneath.

Moisturize—there are no excuses!

If you’re going out without any makeup, make sure to moisturize and protect your skin from the elements. Well-hydrated skin always looks fresh, plump, and beautiful, so grab a natural moisturizer and apply it after you wash your face, especially after exfoliation and cleansing. And you want to be very gentle and nurturing towards your skin by stocking up on natural skincare products. If you’re not sure what to look for, check out products like these all of which are sulfate-, paraben-, phthalate- and cruelty-free! A moisturizer filled with antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and plant extracts will keep your skin bright, balanced, and soft.

Add a touch of concealer

Most of the time when we cover our entire face with foundation, there’s absolutely no need for it. Instead of looking like a cake, use just a touch of concealer or foundation to cover problematic spots. Pat concealer into blemishes with a finger and you’re good to go!

Take care of your hair (hey, it rhymes!)

Don’t let your overgrown, dull and tired hair steal the show for all the wrong reasons. The star of your natural look should be your face, so make sure to keep your hair looking clean, tidy, and simple. A simple hairstyle with natural colors will tie everything together instead of looking out of place with your natural aesthetics. Cut your hair regularly, use heat-protection products, and don’t go all-in with styling products. To add some shine to your hair naturally, go with some coconut oil. This ingredient also battles scalp dryness, dandruff, and many other issues.

Seal everything with a mist

Before you go show off your new natural look, finish everything with a glow-boosting mist. This will instantly hydrate your skin and give it a fresh glow. Not only will it moisturize, but also mattify, soothe, and many more.

While it does require some effort, once you achieve that fresh, healthy, and natural look, you won’t need makeup ever again. Take good care of your skin and hair, and you will always look Instagram-ready and dazzle everyone with your natural beauty.

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