10 summer fashion tips that will never go out of style


Fashion tips, everyone seems to have a bunch of them they swear by. However, sometimes it’s best to listen to people with real experience because most of the fashion tips you can hear from your friends, mother and sister are essentially useless. Some tips, on the other hand, are very useful and you should keep them in mind. Here are some of the best fashion tips for the summer and items that will never go out of style:

White tee

You probably have a bunch of shirts, but there’s one you should put on the pedestal when it comes to summer wear—a timeless white t-shirt. This item can be paired with anything from suits to jeans, jean jackets and blazers and heels and sneakers. You can dress it up with a statement necklace or a light scarf.

Denim shorts

If you live somewhere very hot, this is an item you’ll be sporting the entire summer. Denim shorts basically go with any top—they are very easy to style even for people who should often be put in fashion jail. Mid-length shorts and Bermuda shorts are flattering on anyone and will make summer heat much more bearable.

V-neck t-shirt dress

This is another summer essential, especially if you prefer a more casual style. A sleek v-neck t-shirt dress is simple but very effective. You can wear it during all sorts of summer weather because it’s easy to accessorize and layer. You can easily throw on a flannel shirt over it or tie a sweater over your shoulders or waist and it won’t look out of place.

Off-the-shoulder top

Off-the-shoulder tops make a strong comeback every few years and at that time, all the stores sell them and everyone wears them. That’s surprising taken that off-the-shoulder tops never even go out of fashion! They are not disposable or trendy—they are a fashion staple perfect for summer. If you’re trying to achieve that easy summer style, add a new quality off-the-shoulder piece to your wardrobe and you’ll probably wear it all summer long.

Black one-piece bathing suit

It’s comfortable, flattering for everyone, practical (not see-through), and can be worn with anything over it. A black one-piece bathing suit mixes style and elegance while giving you a perfect piece of wear for the beach, pool party or hot tub hangout.

White sneakers

White sneakers are a great alternative to more elegant shoes, but they also look flattering with any summer fashion staple from shorts to jeans, skirts and dresses.

Neutral sandals

This piece of footwear will forever stay in style. Espadrille wedges are favorites of many women due to their comfort, practicality, but mostly because they visually elongate your legs. You can have only one pair and come back to them summer after summer.

Timeless jewelry

Heavy and cool pieces of jewelry look best in winter, but summer is reserved for something natural, light and colorful. Check out Moon Magic shop and browse their catalog of moonstone, opal, rose quartz and many other gemstone rings. They are perfect summer bling because they look very light and can easily be stacked for a statement look.

Classic fedora hat

A classic straw fedora will complement every summer look from a simple tee and jeans to a floral dress. It’s light and airy, thus perfect for the summer heat. Fedora is also a classic summer hat that offers light sun protection for your scalp and face so you don’t have to slap on too much sunscreen (even though sunscreen is another summer must-have).


These glasses with a history that’s almost 100 years long were first designed to help pilots protect their eyes while flying. Soon, they became a signature model for Ray-Ban and the rest is history. Now everyone wears them and for all the right reasons—there’s not a person in the world that doesn’t look sexy in these.

Fashion trends always change, but if you have these classics at hand, you can always have something to rely on in. These pieces will complete your closet and be there for you summer after summer.

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