How Much Is Liver King’s Net Worth?

Brian Johnson, well-known for Liver King was a social media wellness influencer, a bodybuilder and owner of a supplement company. He made millions of followers on social media by posting his own making videos like eating raw animal meat, raw animal liver, etc. Liver King net worth is around $12 million in 2023.

His most of revenue arrives from investing in real estate, conventional health brands, and supplement startups.

In this guide, we delve into the whole discussion about liver king’s business, net worth, investments, real estate endorsements, etc.

A Glance At Liver King’s Lifestyle:

NameBrian Johnson (liver king)
Born April 7, 1977
OccupationInfluencer and entrepreneur
FamilyWife- Barbara, and 2 sons- Rad (13), Stryker (15).
Source of wealthSupplement startups and business
Assets Real estate
Net worth$12 million

Who is Liver King (Brian Johnson)?

Before knowing liver king net worth, first, we should know about him and his early age life. Brian Johnson who is well-known as Liver King is a social media wellness influencer. He was born on April 7, 1977, in San Antonio, Texas city. In his childhood days, there was not much information included. In 2000, Brain Johnson attended Texas Tech University where he got his bachelor’s degree in biochemistry. In continuing his education at Texas University, he got a job at a pharmaceutical company. From the beginning, Brain was a fitness devotee and a gym enthusiast.

Brain Johnson met his love Barbara while shredding pitches. Before becoming liver king, he met her lady. Soon they got married to each other and they had 2 sons named Rad and Stryker.    

How did Brian Johnson become Liver King?

Brain Johnson, who lives simply, after marrying his lady love Barbara, he was become rich by discussing a social service. He started to upload videos on TikTok. By profession, he was a business owner but his half of wealth comes from his social media sites.

On social media sites including YouTube, Instagram etc, he posts videos like eating a whole cow’s raw meat, kilos of raw animal liver, a big size raw chicken, animal raw hearts, bull testicles, animal bone marrow, etc. In front of the camera, he eats those items in a few minutes. His followers get something new out of his sharing videos that mostly in diet tips and workout activity controls.

Now he is the owner of a million dollars, liver king net worth is around $12 million in 2022 and gained millions of followers across YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

How does Liver King become a Million-Dollar Owner?

Barabara, the spouse of Brain Johnson, helps her husband in his line of work and together they create their own kingdom. To attract attention, they choose social networking apps that highlight their peculiar way of living.

Johnson is the CEO of four companies, one of which is “Ancestral Living,” a company that sells dietary complements. Through his website and social media profiles, he facilitates these supplements and earns a substantial sum of money.

Additionally, he has sponsorship agreements with companies that pay him to support their goods on his channels. In his videos, he runs a number of advertisements that pay him depending on how many people see them. For being calculated, liver king net worth is somehow 10 to 12 million dollars.

Johnson’s wealth has increased dramatically in the last several years. In 2022, Liver King’s annual revenues will roughly match his net worth from 2018.

In an interview, Johnson said that in 2022 he using steroids and hormone replacement therapy which was real. But how this will impact his measurement and power, it’s unclear.

How does Liver King sponsor his wealth?

Lever King has become a popular social media influencer and is well known for his self-made business that he started with his wife. In this year, he is a million-dollar owner and his social media followers are countless.

Liver King is also a controversial man for eating whole raw animal meats. In front of the camera, is a man eating a whole raw animal meat, they should face some debate, it’s clear. But his money-investing process is incredible.

Brain Johnson gives his statement on his sponsor’s wealth, a very understanding process he was following for his passion.


Four supplement brands that generate over $1 million in revenue annually are owned by Liver King, as counting 2023, liver king net worth is around 10 to 12 million dollars. In addition, he states that ten to twelve of his enterprises are private.

Liver King and his partner Barbara operated a Texas-based dental practice named ‘Dentiq Dentistry’ before they fully committed to investing in supplement businesses. They sold the company for an unknown amount after starting it with an initial $500,000 investment divided 50/50.

Being a dentist, Barbara is a perfect fit for the company. Liver King started out as a boutique dentist but over time added orthodontics and other dental treatments to the practice. After selling Dentiq in 2010, they moved their focus to other business endeavors.

Customary Supplements:

Johnson’s major line of business is the Traditional lifestyle brand, which offers primarily protein powder supplements made from animal organs. Conventional supplements generate between $1 million and $10 million in income, according to estimations made public.

With over 175,000 unique visitors every month, an approximate average order value of $80, and a conventional estimate of a 2% conversion rate, the website alone generates between $3 million and $4 million in income annually. Amazon orders have the potential to generate an extra $24 million in income per year.

Liver King claims his foundership and appears to be the largest stakeholder. With a 38% average profit margin on supplements, the company’s profit margin is most likely $3 million.

Johnson’s ownership holdings and revenue are estimated to be well over $1 million, based on extremely cautious estimates.

Liver King’s other corporations:

Supplement tycoon Liver King owns a number of businesses, such as Heart and Soil, named The Fittest, and Medicine Man Plant Company.

The Fittest is a strength supplement business with less than $5 million in sales, and Heart and Soil is a weight reduction supplement business with approximately $5 million in sales.

Since Liver King is probably a minor shareholder in these businesses, the value of his equity is cast to be much less than Ancestral’s.

Real estate:

Knowing liver king net worth, first know that In Austin, Texas, Brian Johnson and his family reside in an 8,300 square feet Spanish-style villa. Zillow Homes estimates that the average home is worth $7 million. But it is imprecise how much money he will pay for his mansion.

The home features a steam room, sauna, and swimming pool. We’ll estimate the value of his property at $4 million because, based on the house tour, it appears less abundant than the $7 million properties on Zillow and more in line with the $4 million houses. Liver King has a ranch with two houses, a garage, and at least three cows on the property.

Liver King’s ranch is probably six to ten acres, as we assess that everyone needs roughly an acre. Properties that fit this description range in price from $500,000 to $1 million. Given that it has a pool, sauna, and steam room, we can estimate its value to be around $1 million.

How has Liver King’s asset portfolio been executed?

A small number of residential buildings and private entities hold the majority of liver king net worth

Liver King’s portfolio comprises a large amount of real estate, which has historically produced superior short- and long-term results. The Case-Shiller U.S. Real Estate Index for 2022 indicates that residential real estate was the best-performing asset class.

With EquityMultiple, real estate investing is really simple. Accredited investors can purchase commercial real estate and generate passive income for as low as $5,000.

While Liver King isn’t your average investor like Shaq O’Neil or Kevin O’Leary, he certainly knows how to make the most of his money by pursuing his passions.


Q. Who is Liver King?

Liver King (Brain Johnson) is a social media wellness influencer known for eating whole animal raw meat, liver, whole-size chicken, and so on. He also runs his own supplements company.      

Q. What is the name of Liver King’s wife?

Barbara, Liver King’s wife, was also a supporter of his husband’s enthusiasm and a 50% shareholder in his husband’s businesses. 

Q. What did Liver King eat to gain fame?

In front of the cameras, Liver King consumes raw animal meat, kilos of raw animal liver, a large raw chicken, raw hearts, bull testicles, bone marrow, and so on.

Q. What is Liver King’s Net Worth?

In 2023, Liver King is worth around $10-12 million, but soon his annual revenues will roughly match his net worth from 2018.

Q. How did Liver King become a Millionaire?

Being a social media influencer and owning his firm, which includes supplements and startups, as well as his real estate business, has helped him become a millionaire. 

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