Latest Skincare Trends for 2020

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Some things always stay the same: the sun rises in the East, waterproof mascara never survives tears and the beauty industry brings something new every season. And as technology and science progresses faster and faster, we’re getting new trends and options at the speed of light. So it might be worthwhile to put into one place all the different trends that are going to be flooding the beauty market in the following year.

Fully bespoke makeup

We’ve seen bespoke makeup in the past. To refresh your memory, it’s when a company mixes individual makeup products for you, most commonly skincare and foundations. A foundation would be mixed from all the different shades to match your exact skin tone and specific ingredients would be added to help with any problems you might have, like dry or overly oily skin. They were really popular as an idea, but in reality, there are very few people who can afford such service. And when ultra-inclusive lines like Fenty came along where you were nearly guaranteed to find your shade in-store, it’s clear to see that bespoke makeup is going to have competition. But next year, everything will be taken one step further with actual DNA analysis that will tell the companies exactly which nutrients your skin is lacking and how to make it even more bespoke. These “next gen cosmetics” are certainly going to come with a steep price point, so only time will tell whether they are worth the cash.

Salon treatments at home

Salon treatments

More and more women are just finding it hard to get the time in their week to go to a salon or to a beautician to get a specific procedure done, and a lot of women are relying on at-home products to get the job done. This has logically led to a rise of products that women can use at home to get salon-like results with all areas of their body. In a beauty shop with amazing offers you can find state-of the art product like aqua facials that you can do at home and will give you a red-carpet ready look for a fraction of the cost and time that you would usually spend at the salon. All of these innovations mean that salons have to fight even harder to keep their clientele in by getting creative and upping their customer service to really make going there an experience.


Statistics show time and time again, that with every passing year, customers’ reports say that we care about the state of our planet more and more and we want the companies we support to at least partially understand the issue surrounding the degradation of nature and do their part in – if not fixing – at least not causing any additional damage through their production, packaging, shipping and policies. As people are swapping to more zero-waste lifestyles and trying to reduce their eco footprint, they are more likely to support companies that put their products in reusable or compostable packaging and that are cruelty-free and eco-friendly.

The virtual assistant

We want to always have the perfect shopping experience and a person who will do our makeup and tell us what the best options are for our skin. And as everything else, this is moving onto technology, with introductions of tech like magic mirrors which allow you to try different looks by simply selecting a button on the screen, so that retailers can focus on education and entertainment instead of doing your makeup for an hour. But this is also translating into at-home online shopping, as you can have a virtual assistant recommend the perfect shade of foundation from a photo or help you put together a look. The possibilities with this are really pushing the boundaries of beauty shopping and we’ll most certainly be seeing a lot of this in the upcoming year.

As the beauty industry evolves, so do our personal styles, but you don’t have to completely reinvent yourself every time there’s a development in the technology. Use the things that help you achieve your desired look more efficiently and that leave your skin – and the world around you – a healthier place. And with the trends we have so far, it’s shaping up to be a good year for beauty.

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