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Knowing about famous people is the instinct of inquisitive minds. That will also be a lot more if the people are somehow talented. Here comes Katie Sakov one of the most talented persons that you might know about. She is from the world of acting and is one of the famous movie stars as well. you can get to watch several movies of her, and also can get an idea of how great and talented she is. So, it is quite common that you might have the wish to know her more, and that can help you to get more details.

About Katie Sakov and Early Life

It is really important to know about her early life first if you want to know her perfectly. This Portland star was born in the year of 1980. So, this is quite natural that she should be an actress in America. She got her breakthrough in 1998 with the TV film known as “Fifteen and pregnant”. From that one, Katie Sakov got a perfect career in her acting life with several movies, series, and even in various video games too.

Works of Katie Sakov

When going to know about Katie Sakov, you have to know that she featured in plenty of movies and series. So, it is important to know about those series and movies first. Even, it is quite important for you to know about video games to know her better. Once, you know about those, you can also praise those works too.

Movies that Katie Sakov Features In

There are plenty of movies for Katie Sakov to be featured in. Below are some of those movies.

  • In the year 2001, she acted in her first film. That was known as My First Mister.
  • Then, she was featured in Halloween: Resurrection the next year.
  • After a long break of 5 years from movies, she got back in 2007. That movie was White Noise: The Light.
  • Even you can get the voice of Katie Sakov in the role of Detective Sarah Essen. The movie was Batman: Tear One.
  • She also featured in the short film named Power/Rangers.
  • You can also watch Oculus, Girl Flu, and Riddick as some of the best movies by Katie Sakov

Series, Television Films, and Video Games That Katie Sakov Featured in

She started her acting career in a television film, and that was Fifteen and Pregnant. Kara was one of the finest characters in Battlestar Galactica in “Starbucks” Thrace. Even this is one of the finest and possibly the best in her acting career too. Along with these, she has also been featured in several video games as well. You need to know those accordingly to know her better.

  • Star Wars Rebel is one of the finest works of her life.
  • She was featured in the Big Bang Theory too. Though that was for two episodes.
  • She also starred in The Flash.
  • You can also be able to watch Another Life. This is a Netflix original series
  • Longmire and The Mandalorian are some of her television works that you can watch.
  • Even, Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Battlestar Galactica: Razor some other series by Katie Sakov

Some of Katie Sakov’sworks are in video games as well.

  • Halo 3 Marine 3 in the year 2007
  • Resistance 2 as Cassie Aklin in 2008
  • In 2011 Spider-Man: Edge Of Time as Black Cat 2099
  • In 2015 Call Of Duty: Black Ops II as Sarah Hall
  • Eve: Valkyrie as Ran Kavik in the year 2016

Other Works of Katie Sakov

Along with acting in movies, and series, and working with some video games, she has some other sides as well. She owns a YouTube channel that is based on her physique. You can get a lot of training and diet details to make yourself perfect. Along with that, she raises funds with the help of e-motorcycle riding too, which can help her to spread awareness as well.


You have already got to know about the work life of Katie Sakov. You have the list of her movies, series, and video games. However, you need to watch those, and then need to understand why she is such a great actress. In fact, you can also enjoy her acting a lot while watching those.

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