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Zendaya, a well-known American actress, singer, and producer, has a sister named Katianna Stoermer Coleman. You can discover every detail about her in this article. The biography, parents’ names, height, and other information about the American star are just a few of the topics to cover.

In her social media posts, Zendaya frequently features her siblings and other members of her large California family. Despite this, the actress only says that they are her siblings and never goes into detail about what or who they actually are.

One of her closest siblings is Katianna, who, despite occasionally popping up on her Instagram, is likewise somewhat mysterious to Zendaya’s followers. We will share details on Katianna’s early life, how exactly she is linked to Zendaya, and other details by reading as much as you can about this actress’s sibling in the article below.

Katianna Stoermer Coleman: Who is she?

Zendaya Coleman’s sister Katianna Stoermer Coleman was born in Oakland, California in 1999. Zendaya Coleman is a well-known American actress, singer, and producer. Katianna is a citizen of the United States and shares mixed ancestry with her older sister, Zendaya.

There isn’t a lot of information available regarding Katiana’s life because she avoids the spotlight. However, the public enjoys watching Zendaya and Katianna together and is eager to learn more about Katianna. They have always demonstrated a fondness for one another.

Katianna Stoermer Coleman’s Profile in Brief

Full NameKatianna Stoermer Coleman
BirthplaceOakland, California
SiblingsJulien, Austine, Annabella, Kaylee and Zendaya
ParentsClaire Stoermer and Kazember Ajamu Coleman

Who are her parents?

She is of mixed ethnicity. Mr. Kazembe Ajamu Coleman is the name of her father. Latonja Coleman, Katianna’s real name, was given to her by her father Kazembe Ajamu Coleman, an African-American with origins in Little Rock, Arkansas. Her mother, Mrs. Claire Stoermer, is of German and Scottish ancestry. Her parents are both professors. And her father is currently the manager for Zendaya.

What academic qualifications does she have?

Katianna Stoermer Coleman has consistently received top marks for her work since she was a young child. She started high school at the age of sixteen. After graduating from high school, Katianna went on to a public US state institution to earn her bachelor’s degree.

What are her social media handles?

As she seems to be a private person, like her siblings, with the exception of Zendaya, she is not active on any social media sites.

Because her sister Zendaya frequently uploads photos of her online, her images can occasionally be found there.

The paparazzi frequently photograph Katianna and Zendaya together as they enjoy one another’s company while spending time with their sister. The pair have even been dubbed their sister’s goal by those who like watching them together.

Is she her younger sister or older sister?

Given that Zendaya was born in 1996 and that some articles put her birth year as 1999, Katianna would be Zendaya’s younger sister. Despite the fact that no precise day or year has been established. urther investigation has revealed that her birth year of 1999 is erroneous. She is Zendaya’s older sister, which is something we do know.

The lack of additional information on Kizzi makes it clear why there is some misunderstanding regarding her placement among her siblings. On several occasions that she has been referred to as Zendaya’s younger sister and has also featured images of Zendaya with younger females.

We believe that these are images of Zendaya with her nieces and not Kizzi. Again, it’s easy to understand where the misunderstanding stems, but Kizzi is actually Zendaya’s elder sister.

Why does she keep a low profile?

There is no mystery as to why she would choose to maintain a low profile. Especially if your sister has appeared in Dune, Marvel, and an HBO blockbuster. Siblings of great athletes or movie stars have been observed occasionally embracing the spotlight that comes with their sibling’s chosen career. They not only accept it but also participate in it, stealing some of the attention and directing it toward themselves.

But some people would rather stay out of it. Instead, they seek privacy and take every precaution to avoid achieving even the appearance of stardom. The latter group includes her. She is Zendaya’s older sister and a little mysterious, especially in comparison to her sister’s enormous celebrity.

To the extent that their early facts are little more than a blank slate, almost all of Zendaya’s siblings are sufficiently discreet about their lives.


Due to the fact that she is the renowned sister of the talented and well-known actress Zendaya, Katianna Stoermer Coleman is well-known and in the news. In other cases, having a glamorous life with all the amenities, recognition, and reputation is enough on its own.

FAQ Section

1. Who is Katianna Stoermer Coleman?

Katianna Coleman is the sister of Hollywood actress Zendaya.

2. What is she best known for?

She is best known for being the sister of Zendaya as she can be seen in Zendaya’s family photo.

3. What are her social media handles?

She maintains a very private life which is common for family members of famous celebrities.

4. Is she younger than Zendaya?

Although it is mentioned on many websites that she is her younger sister she is actually her older sister which we can confirm with an Instagram post by Zendaya.

5. Why does she want to stay unnoticed?

Not everybody wants to be famous which is precisely the case of Katianna. This is the reason there is so less known about her.

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