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By Sarah Jay

Joinpd is one of the best connecting online platforms that allow you to join in a presentation. Moreover, you can join the presentation if it already started. Therefore, you can connect to any presentation anytime given by your teacher or students straightway. You have to just put your entering secret code on the website.

It is Pear Deck’s great creation, where teachers and students take interact to participate in engaging presentations. On their official website of them, there is a blank text area. To connect to any ongoing presentation, you just need to enter a secret code and you will be instantly connected to your used device, for instance, mobile, computer, or laptop.

Join PD is an active online functional software where students and teachers can interact. The teacher would create a presentation logging code and distribute the Pear Deck login code to every student. The student will use that code from different places and different devices to connect.

What Is joinpd? is a subdomain or microsite of  Students will easily connect with any Pear Deck session just by using 5 digit secret code provided by their teachers on their website.

However, they need to do this in a browser like Firefox, chrome, or safari. You asked for the code from your teacher if you are a student then connect in the presentation. Thereafter you will move to a new interface with new slides and dashboards.

To maintain transparency on their site, Pear Deck connects with the joinpd platform. Moreover, the platform is supported by both students and teachers. In fact, with the help of the Join PD, anyone can attend any presentation from anywhere.

The Purpose Of Pear Deck-

Learning lessons is a never-ending process. Moreover, learning and the knowledge-gaining process are developing day by day. From face-to-face to pen-paper mode and now we are entering the digital era. Moreover, the way of teaching and learning has been drastically changed with technology. With days past, the way is improving and gifting new effective styles.

The joinpd platform offers both the students and teachers to go for joint venturing presentations on an active digital platform. Moreover, we can state that the software is one kind of online educational platform for students and teachers to create presentations.

Significance Of joinpd-

As we already discussed the way of teaching and learning is evolving day by day. Therefore presentation styles in academies also changed. Let’s discuss the significance of the platform.

  • The platform is such interactive that student can ask their doubt about the time of the live class.
  • The developer of the software made the website for schools, colleges, universities, or any other kind of academy.
  • As a teacher, you can create a presentation anytime anywhere, and distribute it to whomever you want. And permit them to use it.
  • In addition, you just need a Pear Deck Login account and code to offer the presentation to whoever you want.

The Uses Of Pear Deck-

Pear Deck is a tool for educators for engaging students in the class. With the evolving technology, every teacher wants productive results from each student. When a teacher is in a physical class, they face several challenges.

Therefore, this tool has come to help all the teachers to overcome the problem in a physical class. However, we are going to a new phase of education, and that is distance education. And PearDeck continues enhancing the distance education interaction.

The Features Of joinpd-

●    Content Accessibility-

As a teacher, if you want to create a presentation for students you can do it on Pear Deck and distribute it to students. You will need a template to create a presentation of a new chapter for students. However, in the Pear Deck, there are pre-installed templates are found on their site. Therefore, as a teacher, you can use them for a better look in your presentation.

●    Tutoring Videos-

Pear Deck offers a sample for educators to learn joinpd. If the educator knows how to utilize it properly, it will beneficial for them. For educators, to utilize it properly they provide a user manual. For instance, tips videos are available on the official website of Pear Deck. the video includes the process of creating a pear deck account and adding any portion to the existing presentation, using of slide library, managing students, giving notes to students, and many more.

●    Training-

Pear deck arranges training sessions for all educators. In fact, if you are a seasoned educator, you can attend this program and get knowledge. With educators, also provide training sessions for administrators. You can find pre-recorded seminars to experience.

●    Active Learning-

One of the most important features of the Pear Deck is active learning. In a class when a student participates in group discussions or doubt-clearing sessions, they are regarded as an active student.

Pear Deck offers students various ways to become active students. In a physical class, you can not save the class. However, PearDeck offers you to save the lecture for offline mode. With this involvement, the performance of a student will rise certainly.

Advantages Of joinpd –

  • The live session of this app is free for all. There is no charge for students and teachers.
  • After creating the presentation, the teacher can easily send them the code via e-mail. Moreover, the teacher can send the presentation link too.
  • In addition, joinpd cheers students to grow their mindset and encourages them to go for their dream.
  • As social norms of a student keep intact.
  • If a student has keen to grow they will be able to reach their aim with this software.
  • Students can save the presentation for offline use.
  • Student can submit their feedback in the given presentation.
  • Moreover, on the joinpd website, a student can not change their feedback after they submit their material.

Process Of Creating Join PD Codes

Before you produce a code, you should make a presentation. After completing the presentation, the code of 5 characters will automatically create. Moreover, that is the code, everyone should require to access the presentations. We will mention the step below, you should follow it thoroughly.

  • Go to the official website of Pear Deck.
  • If you don’t have an account sign up and log in. otherwise go to direct login.
  • Tap on creating a presentation. Then go to add-ons.
  • In the search bar type “peer deck”. Then click on the blue icon “+free” to install.
  • Now time to create a presentation. There are hundreds of templates you will find. You should explore them and make a presentation.
  • After completing presentations and other related works, click on “present with Pear Deck.”
  • Thereafter, a 5-digit code will be produced.

You can now share the code with anyone, you want to share the presentations. Therefore, don’t search for creating a code. First, complete your presentation. The code will create on its own.

How To Log in at joinpd as student point of view-

As we previously mentioned, as a student if you want to join a presentation, you just need the five-digit code. Here we discuss the detailed process of joining the presentation with code. Follow the below steps.

  • Go to the official website of peardeck.
  • Login with Gmail or Microsoft account.
  • Attach your account with Microsoft one drive or google drive. Therefore, you will get cloud storage for that.
  • After creating an account on Pear Deck you will access the presentation later.
  • Thereafter, as you click on the join presentation, button, you will be asked for a code. You should enter the code, which you got from your teacher. Moreover, if you are going to join the presentation you already got the code.

How A student Listens To A Presentation-

When an educator uploads any presentation on the joinpd, he got a unique 5-digit code. They can share that code with students to access the presentations. Moreover, with this code, the student can participate in any question-and-answer session. In fact, the teacher got the responses from the students that they submitted to the presentation.


If a teacher or student looking to collaborate with others for a presentation, joinpd is one of the best websites, they will find. This well-known American online ed-tech platform offers a lot of features to students and teachers.

Currently one of the best online education platforms available. The online platform, help teacher and students with several features simultaneously. With some great features, students’ learning strength and interest in study will be increased.

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