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Think Jaisalmer, and immediately you visualize the bright colored turbaned folks with decorated camels at the backdrop of the dusty Thar Desert. But beyond the desert, Jaisalmer is a beautiful town with majestic fort, palaces, temples and lakes that attract the tourists and travelers and keep them glued to the beauty and lifestyle of the town. Moreover, the adventures that the town has in store for the adventure seekers also make it one of the most preferred holiday destinations. So giving more time to the town customizing your  Rajasthan Tour Packages will be more advisable.

Your Jaisalmer Tour Package ensures that you enjoy most of the city with the least botheration and worries for the arrangements.

Jaisalmer beyond desert

Jaisalmer Fort

The Jaisalmer Fort situated on the Trikuta Hills has its own history to share with the tourists and historians. The fort is protected under the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. it is also famous for being one of the largest live forts in the World i.e it still houses around 4000 people in it.

Spiritual Heritage – The Jain Temples

The Jain Temples surrounding the fort are excellent structures of craftsmanship and sculpting. Filigree art can be seen on these temples. The Parsvanath Temple is thronged by devotees all round the year.

Ghost Town – Kuldhara

Wandering in the sandstone ruins of the abandoned village, Kuldhara gives an eerie feeling. But the tour is a hit among the curious explorers. The village had once been a prosperous settlement of the Paliwal Brahmins who abandoned the place without leaving any trace of their existence.

Gadisar Lake

The lake was built in the 12th century as a rain water harvesting system to conserve the rain water and channelize it through the arid city, Jaisalmer. But today, the catchment has turned into a beautiful tourist spot.

The Bazaar – the venue for your shopping desires

You can always go on a shopping spree to the local bazaars. The colourful bazaars attract the tourists to the range of small gift items available at affordable prices. Look for the mirror-worked skirts, hand embroidered jootis, chunks of silver jewelry, puppets and art works to take back home. The intricate wooden art works are also famous.

The Rajasthani cuisine – satisfy your taste buds

You cannot be in Jaisalmer and not taste the unique non-vegetarian cuisines here. Also do not forget to gulp down the famous thandai like lassi to quench your thirst.

Jaisalmer, beyond the desert has as much thrill, adventure and enjoyment that you might have expected.

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