Interesting Facts About Travelling with Virikson Morocco Holidays

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By Maria Bella

Well, life has been really tough and unpredictable in few past years. All these years were only about going to the places, I’ve never been before. However, I love digging little deep into the interesting that can be ridiculous, funny, useless and mind blowing facts of travelling.Every trip was unplanned, blurry ideas about the places and fun fact is I had no backup plan regarding money. Anyways, sometimes it’s healthy not to think about the future but to rely on the present only.

I had trouble in convincing my parents every time but gradually they understood that, staying at one place might not help me grow in a better direction. No, finding the direction for life was not in a plan, it happened on its own.

  1. It makes you smarter:Although, I never doubted my smartness(Haha!!)but travelling help me ensure about the abilities I already have in me.
  2. Develops problem solving skills:As a computer science graduate, it’s obvious to have this skill set, but truth is I never developed it during high school and got in me when I was randomly travelling.
  3. Goats on the trees:In Morocco, I met a random stranger and he told me about goats climbing on trees. I had heard about it before through internet but never believed until my eyes witnessed it.
  4. Meet new people: You’ll get to know many people and they give a best set of memories. No longer urge to stay friends, no promises just a moment to cherish for the rest of life.
  5. Solitude is your best friend: Imagination is one of the powerful tool of mind. You can think of anything and be happy for it.
  6. Discover the soul:Yes, I know it is already there but in the mist of opinion clash between mind and heart, it has lost its essence.Travelling is about leaving yourself behind and discovering the immense uniqueness that lies somewhere in you.
  7. Life without gadgets: It will teach you to survive with less material things. You’ll automatically narrow down the list of essentials for life. I did it because I hate carrying unnecessary things along.
  8. Worth sacrificing your sleep:I am very particular about my sleep in routine but for a change I loved all sleepless night in the season of travelling. No, I didn’t feel bad or regretted but enjoy every bit of the night.
  9. World is full of diversity: Every place holds to its own diversity and the life you were living was mere a highlight. Cultures, love, laughter, people and places offers you something good every time.
  10. It’s hard to get back: Travelling is addictive, no matter how much you have, you’ll be greedy all the time. But, this greediness is good to go for.

Moreover, travelling is adventure, fun, learning and healthy for thrill seekers. Yes, don’t strive for happy ending because happiness is nothing but an illusion of expectations that disappears in second. It enlightens your heart and make you listen your lost voice. If your heart is aching, don’t go to the doctor but travel to heal the wounds. (But before doing it, differentiate between heart attack and heart ache). Plan your holidays to Morocco, Spain, France, India or anywhere in the world. Just make sure not to burn the bridges like me but keep the track of your way back to home.

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