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By Sarah Jay

Few search engines have created a buzz on the internet. Over the last couple of years, the IT industry has become a hotbed of innovation. Moreover, the recent changes in search patterns and data analytics have pushed IT industries to build new technology. Most people use Google or any search engine to find what they are looking for. Moreover, there is no doubt a search engine is helpful to look for what you are looking for with just a click. Due to recent changes in the IT field, every company is now in competition to innovate new technology.

As a matter of fact, the more you will manage to innovate, we will be able to fetch more clients to your database. Uniquely, Google has created a technology called I’m feeling curious which is going to change the face of IT industries forever. This interesting feature can save you from feeling bored at work.

Google has invented a new trick that caters to make search engines easy for curious minds. When you search I’m feeling curious, it will serve the random facts. Google will serve up a dynamic answer box that pulls random tidbits which are collected from the internet.  Moreover, this data might be helpful to win any future competition. Furthermore, you can use this data to impress friends at the right time. Whatever the reason might be, you can use such data to increase the knowledge of your mind. In addition, this particular feature I’m feeling curious is meant for people who are curious and looking for various solutions to their queries.

Inquisitive nature is obvious among the people of science, technology and business, and economics. Likewise, this particular feature can satisfy those minds who are looking for answers to various questions just with a click. Similarly, this feature is particular about the nature of curious people. In case you are looking for a new cool feature to its search engine, I’m feeling curious is now one of the hugely popular topics among users. Here, we would like to provide some information about it.

“ I’m feeling curious ” guide

Few people are inquisitive by nature. Moreover, people like Albert Einstein or Thomas Edison are the example of a few who had showcased their adventure spirit through their curiosity. In case you have a similar type of nature for knowledge, I’m feeling curious is a feature one should explore. Likewise, this particular feature is an exact mix of human psychology and the modern science of artificial intelligence and machine learning. The new feature is really engaging, you can see the ‘Ask another question’ option in big blue.

Moreover, the algorithm is designed such that it can yield the exact search pattern a curious mind is looking for. Here, we have gathered information that is necessary to understand how exactly it can read the psychology of a human being and fetch what we are looking for.

What are the common sign list in “ I’m feeling curious ”

1. Curious people always listen without judgment

As we pay attention to others, we can size up and make assumptions. Not to mention, when you are curious people you do not have any hidden agendas. Moreover, they are also seeking to recognize the view of others. Likewise, they are inclined to take a seat in the open and ask questions rather than ambiguity.

As the name suggests,  I’m feeling curious, normally curious people are supportive and non-blaming. Moreover, they like to work together and concentrate on exploring various ideas about new challenges. Furthermore, those people are non-shaming and like to collaborate with others. Uniquely, this leads to innovation and discovering fantastic solutions.

When we are talking about curious people, they always listen to others without judgment. When we pay attention to others, we can size up and make assumptions. The curious people always have no hidden agendas as well. They also recognize the view of others and incline to different solutions.

2. Categories of ‘I’m feeling curious

When you search ‘I’m feeling curiousyou get four categories. That is mentioned below.

  • Interesting facts.
  • Random facts.
  • Cool facts.
  • Google tricks.

You’ll experience a lot of new things and some random information about random places.

3. They ask so many questions and search I’m feeling curious

There is no doubt that curious people always begin with “how”, “Why”, and “When”. Furthermore, they try to seek answers for various problems. Moreover, they remain away from questions that have no answer. In addition, these types of people create openness for other people to seek solutions to real-time problems. Likewise, I’m feeling curious satisfies the exact need of such people.

4. Curious people always seek surprises

Most of the curious people would like to seek surprise. When we have so much surprise, we experience anxiety. We feel most pleased when things are inevitable. Furthermore, we all have some “love or hate relationship” with surprise. Moreover, when we are looking for excitement, we always seek a great deal of surprise. Similarly, when we do not find enough surprises, we do get bored. Not to mention, we like to be the coziest and seek certain things.

However, we feel alive when there is excitement. When matters are in our hands and certain, we feel most excited. Likewise, the most curious people always welcome uncertainty and shock in their life. Moreover, they attempt to take risks, try new food, explore new places, ask questions, and speak to strangers to look for new information. Likewise, I’m feeling curious provides similar surprises when people search for answers.

5. They are always present everywhere

Curious people always like to present wherever they can find an answer. Curious people like to participate in discussions. Moreover, in case they are looking for some answer, they can go to any extent to find the answer. They shelve the feeling of being proper and open to the being insights. Similarly, they respect the opinion of others.

In addition, this curiosity helps a leader to grow in their knowledge and make decisions for the future. Not to mention, they are not afraid to accept what they do not know and seek the truth. Through I’m feeling curious, you do not need to go anywhere but present yourself in front of the computer and find the answer.

6. They are Still Able to be Shown Incorrectly

Curiosity is characterized in favor of being exposed to others’ points of view and thoughts. It is installed purposefully. A curious mind can get lots of benefits in the workplace. Interested groups who think I’m feeling curious always look for opportunities for product ideas, publicity angles, challenges, and solutions.

7. They find time for curiosity

Heilbronner advises leaders to take one day a month to think of scenarios that are three years in the future. They are always present to answer your curiosity. Curiosity comes from intentional pauses it does not install intentionally.

8. They are not ashamed to say ‘don’t know

People are intrigued because they are looking for something unique and fresh. When they don’t have the right information about your ideas. They are not ashamed to say they don’t know about it. They focus on learning more than looking smart.

9. They don’t let the past affect their future

David Klow says our minds have two parts. One is a new experience and one understands the new experiences. Many adults are scared about learning new experiences. Maybe they had a bad experience in their past, however, curious people have a strong base and they love to take risks in their life.


When you are trying to explore various things, it helps you to get information for various answers. Likewise, I’m feeling curious helps you to quench the thirst of curious minds. Furthermore, this feature is designed by keeping various factors of human psychology in mind. Moreover, curious people can look for what they are not able to find in other sources, just with a click. Not to mention, Google always tries to update the database and find the answer to recent searches. If you are not tried it out yet, this is going to keep you occupied. Finally, Google recently introduced new data analytics which helps them to understand the pattern of searches that curious people are looking for.

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