Ice Spice Age, Career, Net Worth: Rapper’s Stardom In 2023

It may not be possible that you haven’t heard about Ice Spice. Ice Spice is a renowned New York-based rapper. As per social media statistics she has managed to gain a lot of popularity in just a couple of years. Many music enthusiasts are sort of flabbergasted by the rising popularity. Her fans are attracted because of her catchy songs & her charming personality. Ice Spice goes by her real name Isis Naija. Ice Spice had grown up in the Bronx, New York. Keep reading if you need to explore more about Ice Spice, age, ethnicity, achievements & much more.  

Overview Of Ice Spice & Her Early Life 

This rapper was born in an American family in the Bronx, New York, United States Of America. She was raised in Nigerian ethnicity & comes from a Dominican descent. Although there has been a buzz about Ice Spice Rapper Age. She had just turned 23 years old & celebrated her 23rd birthday on 1st January 2023. Ice Spice had never left a chance to impress her fans with her music. She started her career at 18 years old while listening to many hip-hop artists. It includes hip-hop legends including Nicki Minaj, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, 50 Cent and many more.

Ice Spice Career & Education   

Ice Spice had initially started her music career in the year 2021. It all started when Ice Spice met popular artist/producer RiotUSA. Before that, she had completed her schooling & joined a deemed college for higher education. During this time she produced a song ‘Bully’ which was released in the year 2021. This track was supposed to be the first debut single of Ice Spice in 2021 which pushed her music career up. But after that, Ice Spice released her most anticipated track ‘Munch’ in 2022 after a break. This made Ice Spice even more popular & this fame ultimately led her to mainstream music.

Actual Networth Of Ice Spice 

After Ice Spice became popular because of their rap career her net worth definitely rose, there’s no doubt about it. As per recent updates, Ice Spice now earns a total of around $4 million dollars in 2023. Many fans see her as one of the most successful youngest-rapping prodigies in the hip-hop scene right now.

Ice Spice & Her Personal Life

We have all witnessed Ice Spice as one of the most beloved female rappers in the music industry. Her parents & siblings would have been super proud because of everything she had achieved today. However, her parents must be proud of their daughter. It has been found that fans have scrolled all the way through, but couldn’t get any glimpse of their family members. According to some of the online news media, it is even claimed that her father Joseph Gaston had been a former underground rapper. She had spent most of her life with her grandmother & mother. Unfortunately, the internet doesn’t have enough information about the Ice Spice Mom Age. Also, there are no pictures of their parents that can be found on the internet. 

Rumored Affairs & Relationships   

This Famous rapper Ice Spice has kept her personal life private. Even though she is still unmarried & doesn’t have a husband yet. Many entertainment news media have claimed that she might have dated some men in the past. Some of her fans also claim that Ice Spice dated the world’s most-selling artist ‘ Drake’ in 2022. After which Drake even invited her to the Ovo Festival show in Toronto & even praised Ice Spice for her track ‘Munch’. But Drake later unfollowed her and ended up dissing Ice Spice on his track ‘Back Outside Boyz’. In the year 2022, there was a rumor that she was dating Lil TJay after he gifted her a diamond-coated watch. That’s not it, recently she was believed to be dating a popular American actor from Strange Things, Caleb McLaughlin.  

Recent Collaborations & Recognition Achieved By Ice Spice         

Ice Spice has become the type of artist who knows how to please her fans very well. Ice Spice had always surprised her fans with wholesome collabs. Be it ‘Munchkins’ featuring Ben Affleck, or ‘Karma’ featuring ‘Taylor Swift’. And Princess Diana featuring ‘Nicki Minaj’ all of her tracks have been a top-notch class. With the kind of tracks Ice Spice had been releasing in the past years her popularity had been going bezersk. It’s not only about her rising popularity most people are talking about. Iconic artists including Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj & PinkPatheress have been sharing spaces with her.


In the end, people have already started talking about the Age Ice Spice achieved so much in her life. People tend to get entangled with a lot of stuff at this age. But she did prove this thing that if you have an aim to achieve. It would be an understatement to claim that her impact has been influencing the underrated underground hip-hop artists in America right now. It would sound ridiculous but Ice Spice had earned a lot compared to most artists. In fact, there’s no doubt that soon Ice Spice is going to create her very own legacy. Soon she is going to surpass major mainstream artists including Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift, Drake, & Post Malone.  

Frequently Asked Questions

1.) How many followers does Ice Spice have on Instagram? 

As per the latest statistics Ice Spice has around 9.7 million followers on Instagram. 

2.) What is the actual name of Ice Spice?

Ice Spice goes by the real name Isis Naija Gaston

3.) Ice Spice fans call themselves by which name? 

Ice Spice fans do have one of the most loyal fans in the hip-hop industry. Spice fans go by the name ‘Spice Cabinet’. 

4.) Ice Spice became popular for which particular track? 

One of the particular tracks that built the career of Ice Spice was ‘Munchin(Feelin U)’ which crossed more than 499.6k views on YouTube. 

5.) When did Ice Spice become so much popular?

Before becoming a complete artist Ice Spice used to post TikTok videos. Ice Spice’s interest in the music grew when she casually posted a trap video. In this video, she filmed herself doing an Erica Banks challenge which had actually become viral. 

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