What Are The HR Leadership Qualities Required For Leadership Roles?

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By Lucia Adams

While there have been lots of harping about the importance of good HR leaders in an organization and also that the role of an HR Leader is quite an important one in an organization – the question remains what are the HR Leadership qualities should an individual possess and what are the leadership roles he or she should practice to ensure that the organization achieves its goals and is on its way to success.

Let’s find out here.

HR Leadership Qualities That You Should Possess

Here are some of the important traits that separates the mediocre leaders from the Best HR leaders in an organization. While these traits are common to all leaders be it any role, it is important for an HR leader to possess and display these leadership skills, if he wants to lead the organization to achieve its goals successfully. Following are those traits –

  1. HR Leaders Enable Strategic Workforce Planning
  2. HR leaders Align with Line Managers
  3. HR Leaders Speak the Language of Influence
  4. HR Leaders Embrace Data
  5. They Own the Employer Brand Strategy
  6. They Mitigate Human Capital Risks
  7. They Partner with Outside Experts

To achieve business goals, successful CHROs must work with their business leaders to develop strategic workforce plans that meet their long-term human capital demands. To do this, CHROs need a clear vision that aligns talent with the strategic direction of their organization. With many companies failing to articulate a strategy that encompasses human capital needs, the CHROs who do this effectively will create a distinct competitive advantage when it comes to talent.

While the above-mentioned qualities could be cultivated there are certain more leadership traits, which if you see in an employee could be used to groom that individual for an employee leadership programs. After all, leadership grooming should happen at an early on so that there is always a leadership pool.

Traits Of HR Leaders

Ideally a leader should be from the organization, someone who knows the organization and its goals. So when seeking an individual for leadership qualities, just watch out for these traits. It is a given fact that a leader is someone who lives by example and shares both the blame and reward equally with the team. Based on these traits here are some of the common leadership traits that are specific to Human Resource Department.

  1. Expert on Human Resource: A Human Resource Leader must be an expert in the nuances of HR department. He should have an excellent knowledge of the industry and best practices. He should also have the ability to inspire people along with possessing the right skills.
  2. Performance-based focus: As a human resource leader, you should be able to motivate other employees for a consistence performance and to attract the top talent so that there is a steady growth of an organization.
  3. Exceptional communication skills: A leader should possess exceptional communication skills so that he is able to engage all the employees at all levels.
  4. Great negotiation skills: A good human resource leader should also possess great negotiation skills. Considering that he or she would be facing lots of conflicting opinions, he should be able to negotiate and find a middle path that would be beneficial for everyone.
  5. Possesses professional code of ethics: A leader should be able to command respect with his demeanor and should live by an example. He should be someone the entire office could look up to and trust. He should know when to keep employees’ confidences and when to take action in the better interest of the company.

The above-mentioned six points are the must-have traits for any leader and more so if you wish to become a human resource leader of your organization.

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