Good Food And Exercise in Pregnancy

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As pregnancy is a very sensitive time of a woman’s life. It is the time in the life of a woman which requires a lot of care. One needs to take care of their diets and not only their diets but also their exercises. From sleeping pattern and routine to everything, must be properly scheduled, so that the chances of damage might be little to none. One must do all they could to ensure not only their own safety during this time but also their baby’s. If you forget your pregnancy due date then Due date calculator helps you to find out.

The functioning in the woman’s body, changes during this period. This is because, firstly the woman had all the functions happening only to support her own body but at that time, the woman not only supports her, but the baby’s body as well. Therefore, the mother should be very selective about the food she intakes and not only the food but also the exercise and activity that she does.

There are many misconceptions related to pregnancy. And many people have no idea of what to do and what not to during their pregnancy time period. It is best for mothers to educate themselves so they get a better idea of what to do and what not to.


Whatever one intakes and eats, their priority is to keep the baby safe and healthy. Given below is a list of things which are extremely healthy for the baby and the mother herself. These are rich and nutritious food.

1-Leafy, green vegetables.

The leafy green vegetables are a very rich source of iron. Iron helps the baby get structural support. The green vegetables also contain a number of different vitamins which are very essential for the baby.

2- Diary products.

Milk is something that is not only very essential during pregnancy but also very essential once the baby is born. That is because, milk contains calcium, and calcium makes bones and teeth strong. The different proteins present in the diary products are also very essential.


Meat is a rich source of iron and vitamin B. both of these are very important for the baby and the mother.

Other sources essential for the baby and the mother include,
Fish liver oil, wholegrain, fruits and etc.


Many people have this misconception of NOT doing anything during pregnancy and having as much rest as one can. However, one must get the scheduled rest but one must perform different exercises in order to keep themselves active and healthy. When it comes to the selection of exercises, most of them are safe to do but one must do it with care.

One must however, avoid exercises which have a change of falling.

1- Walking.

A walk will keep you healthy.

2- Jogging.

Wear comfortable clothes and jogging is also healthy during pregnancy.


One can use some light weights for lifting purposes. Don’t go for very heavy weights.

4-Thigh exercises.

Lie on one side and lift up your thighs. This will also prove to be a good exercise.

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