Ginny and Georgia Season 2 – Release Date, Cast, And Everything Else

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By Sarah Jay

Beloved Netflix’s American comedy-drama Ginny and Georgia is coming back for the second season. Everyone is enthusiastic after seeing the teaser for Ginny and Georgia Season 2.  But when will it release and how will the story progress is what we will discuss in the post.

Ginny & Georgia whose first season came out it on 24 February 2021 is getting a second season as clear by the announcement and trailer. Netflix even released some exclusive clips of the next season. The show is well-liked and has a 68% Rotten Tomatoes score and a 7.4/10 rating on IMDb. Sarah Lampert is the creator of the show and includes actresses Antonia Gentry and Brianne Howey as Ginny and Georgia Miller respectively.

What is the story of Ginny & Georgia?

It is a story of mother and daughter where the daughter Ginny acts more mature than her mother Georgia. The duo moves to a new town where many including Ginny’s school friends find her mother very attractive. The show is mostly comedy but Georgia has secrets that she keeps from her daughter which adds to the drama part. She is a single mother who boxes up her secrets. 

The first season had 10 episodes and the second season will possibly have the same number of episodes. We assume the second season to be even darker. This is why everyone is eager.

When is the second season coming out?

Ginny and Georgia Season 2 is releasing on January 5 of 2023. So it is coming out very soon. If you have watched the previous season you know how it ended. We know that the mother and daughter are not on speaking terms. This will definitely be an interesting season which we can see from the teaser. Not much is clear but the way Georgia’s expression changes in a matter of seconds have got fans excited.

The announcement came out in April 2021 with the whole cast announcing it. Netflix shared the news on its Instagram page. Even though the shooting was completed months ago it takes a lot of time for the editing team to get everything ready. Netflix shows also get dubbed in various languages.

Who is the cast of Ginny and Georgia season 2?

Well, obviously the main two characters are coming back for season two. The whole show is hinge on their names. But there are some other names who will be returning which we can confirm with the photos that Netflix posted of the second season.

 So the cast includes Antonia Gentry(Ginny), Brianne Howey (Georgia Miller), Sara Waisglass (Max), Diesel La Torraca (Austin), Jennifer Robertson (Ellen), Nikki Roumel (child Georgia), Raymond Ablack (Joe), Mason Temple (Hunter), Felix Mallard (Marcus), Scott Porter (Paul), Nathan Mitchell (Zion) and Aaron Ashmore (Gil Timmins).

What will be the story of season 2?

Ginny and Georgia season 2 will be a wild ride according to the makers. They described the first season to be just an introduction to the story. The first season was just setting the theme but starting from season 2 the characters will have more layers.

This is the main reason why even though the release date is so soon Netflix still has not released any trailers. If you follow Netflix you might know that they release trailers months before releasing. Especially now that they started showcasing their upcoming movies and series in their event which they call “Netflix Tudum”.

The first season ended on a high note. We will not spoil anything for those who are not done watching. However, this season will take the story to another level. Even the cast members have revealed that this season will have interesting twists.

What would fans like to see in the next season?

This will obviously be a spoiler discussion so if you are not done with season 1 you might want to skip the next few lines. So if you remember there were a lot of events in the series premiere, including Georgia’s apparent competency in getting off with killing her ex-husband after using pyrotechnics to finally dispose of his remains. However, as we’ve seen, Cardova still isn’t going to give up.

Considering whatever they’re experienced, it appears that the peer group may not reunite well. After the major meltdown on campus when the gang discovered that Ginny was cheating on Hunter with Marcus.

Marcus claimed they were being with each other was a terrible decision, but Ginny assured him that everything was good within two. And following anything it occurred in class, Marcus and Max fell first into the largest argument. Therefore, can Marcus or Georgia search after Ginny? So can she visit her father’s house? or another location? Fans will like to see all these unfold.


With the release date so soon of Ginny and Georgia Season 2 fans are not able to hold their excitement. The reason is that Netflix which is known to have the best marketing techniques is still not launching a final trailer. This mystery is creating hype around the show. We certainly hope that season 2 will have more layers and interesting twists when it releases on January 5th, 2023. 

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