Gifting For Men – Turn This Intimidating Task Into An Adventure

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Buying a gift for men can get tricky. Whether you are gift hunting for a father, a son, or a partner, there are a lot of options and similarly, a lot of things that might not work. If you really want to make him gush when he opens his present, you will have to indulge in some proper research and use your smart observations.

Lifestyle gifts are meant to cater to the idiosyncrasies of a person. They are the best gifts because they relate to a hobby, a passion, or even the daily work he does. The wardrobe is another area where you can look for gift ideas. It requires you to know the person rather well because men can be very picky about their accessories and clothes.

Here are some top recommendations for gifting to that special man in your life.

Men’s Jewelry And Accessories

Accessories for men help accentuate whatever outfit they wear. However, they may not be too focused or aware of the beauty of cufflinks or bracelets. So it is up to you to find that special piece and make it a most memorable gift.

A gold chain is a valuable and timeless piece of fashion. It is a versatile accessory that fits into most styles. It can be worn with casuals and it also has a place in a semi-formal look. Find that perfect chain for that special someone and make him treasure the thought behind this wonderful gift. Apart from chains, you can also look at the option for bracelets. Men’s metal bracelets are worn just like watches and are a trendy accessory in modern formal wear.

Buy him a watch

Whether it is a coming of age ritual for a young adult or an appreciation for someone who has been the pillar of your home for ages, you cannot go wrong with a nice watch. Men will always find watches fascinating. The high-precision engineering, the sleek aesthetics, and the pure history behind some of the iconic watches of our times are enough to make you buy one.

There are different types of watches for different types of personalities. Is he a well-traveled gentleman? Maybe a Rolex Explorer will be the fitting gift. Does he like to tread into the waters? The Aquaracer by TAG Heuer can be an appropriate watch.

You do not have to break the bank to pick up a watch. Apart from these iconic luxury brands mentioned above, there are some very cool new smartwatches in the market. Some of them are designed for fitness enthusiasts with heartbeat monitors and other features related to running and exercise. Samsung Gear and Apple Watches are quite established names in this segment and they are loaded with mind-bending features which the gift recipient will certainly love.

Niche Gadgets

Gadgets are a good idea for men of all ages, especially if they have functional purposes that can be used often. If the person you are buying the gift for is an outdoor enthusiast then there are some nifty products out there. It can be something as simple as an Amazon Kindle or a Swiss pocket knife. Navigation tools, trackers, and cameras like GoPros are ideal electronics for a camper. You can also buy something like a camp stove or a fire starter.

If you are buying something for your game-loving son, new joysticks for his console can be a thoughtful gift. Or it could also be something like a new pair of headphones specially made for gaming.


Does he have a box or cabinet full of old comics and action figures which make him feel all nostalgic whenever he sees them? Trade paperbacks are basically monthly comic issues reprinted in digest formats and sold like graphic novels. If he loves his comics then a reprinted volume of the old favorites can be a delightful gift. And beware! When you are looking for comic books, you just might get hooked yourself.

Action figures, stamps, and baseball cards are also very popular objects for collectors. Old coins and records can also make great gifts. If you have an avid collector in the house, gifting just becomes so much easier. It also provides you with glimpses into the things he loves – maybe this will bring you even closer.

So how do you go about buying a gift for someone you really care about? A gift needs to cover certain areas – it needs to have a sentimental value and it also should reflect how well you know him. Price tags are irrelevant if you can choose something that will strengthen the unique connection the two of you have.

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