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It is human nature to not take changes seriously or simply resist it. Our brain has set out an invisible boundary which doesn’t allow us to leave our comfort zone. However, emotions are something that will always play a vital role in every single aspect of making designs. A single emotion has a tendency to change every way in which one interacts with a product. Even top Website Design Company in Delhi understands the emotion-driven species of human that made them understand the whole concept in deeper knowledge.

Here are the main factors that are becoming the future of web design while keeping emotional aspect of humanity in mind.

1. Artificial Intelligence – This technology has already taken over the world with the establishment of AI games such as Pokémon Go. In the future, we can only expect major transformation in the real world with the interactive experience in terms of web design. Also, the intelligent environment is going to change the way we observe this world along with tangible objects. Hence, it is possible to have a deeper connection between product and customer.

The physical interaction makes AR more important in terms of digital content. Also, the environment makes it easy to understand and learn about new things. It helps in increasing the experience of a user on a new level in terms of familiarity and working with the product.

2. Voice – This type of technology is already used in the mobile phone and search engine. With Siri, Google, Alexa and Echo in the world, there is no doubt that customers are actually accepting the interface with zeal. Also, the routine is something that is touched and worked on with no touching approach. There are a majority of systems that work in terms of interaction with voice and have limitations in the market.

In addition to this, it promotes the interaction with a machine that clearly not a human. Everything is scripted when it comes to such machines from their response to working scope. Hence there is won’t be any type of interactive communication or an emotional framework. However, there are machines that can predict the emotion of a human and revert as per it.

3. Augmented Reality – Another factor on which Website Design Companies in Delhi are working on is AR. A user understands a line that is drawn between them and content. This single line is separating the real world with AR or virtual world. However, it is essential to work on that line before proceeding to work on other aspects.

In the past few years, it has become easy for designers to work on the interactive platform and immersive experience when it comes to websites. The main factor is that it works has managed to break the barrier that was between the digital and virtual world.

Hence, the future of web design has taken a whole new turn with the changing techniques and approaches. All we need to do is ask, ‘Are we ready?’

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