First 100 Days: Checklist Every New Business Needs

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Most business owners are unaware of everything that they need to do in order to make sure that their new business succeeds from the initial days. There is so much that a business owner can do in order to increase the chances of succeeding but only if he or she knows exactly what they need to do.

Well, most business owners only focus on getting a killer business idea and then ways to seek capital but that isn’t all that a business needs. So in order to help those newbies with their struggles we are going to share with you a checklist that every startup business should complete in the first 100 days of the business launch in order to increase the chances of succeeding. So without any delays let us just jump right into them.

First 30 days

The first 30 days are crucial. You need to focus on the important aspects of your business and things that need to be done right away in order to start your business. So make sure that you have the following done in the first 30 days;

Don’t quit your job – It is simply stupid to quit your job in the first few days of your business because you don’t need to and you can use all the extra money that you can get so don’t quit!

Gather resources and connections – Since you have the time and all the energy in the start so gather all the resources that you will need to start your business and also start making business connections with other business in your area.

Look for a trustable partner – It is okay to go solo but if you think that you won’t be able to handle the pressure then you can always partner up with someone trustworthy. But make to have a partnership agreement signed.

Coworking Movement

Go for conferences, seminars or online community meetings – You need to gather as much information and knowledge as possible so attend online and physical seminars and conferences and join an online business group to meet others like you.

Research the market – Make sure that you know about the market that you are going to become a part of before you launch.

Get an idea about your customers – You need to profile your customers as well. Figure out the audience that you want and what their needs are or how you can target them.

Design a plan – A business plan is also important and you need to have it all figured out before launching.

Choose your name – Choose a unique and appealing name for your business that defines your business clearly.

Choose your suppliers and distributors – You need to have a list of all the suppliers and distributors that you are going to target.

Next 50 days

The next 50 days are more about focusing on the main core business so let us look at what you need to get done in these days.

Register your company – since you have everything figured out, it is time that you register your company/business now.

Work on your website – A website is important thus you need to focus on that. Try to incorporate all your values and messages on the website.

Go for online marketing – Since you don’t have much of the capital so, try to market your business online on social media sites and other platforms by yourself. You can also hire professionals for this if you have the budget.

Content marketing

Get a business bank account – since you are registered now, you can easily get a business account to handle all your business dealings.

Last 20 days

The last days are more about getting all the last things done that are essential for the business to begin. By now you have marketed your business so you can easily launch.

Hire employees – Hire the right employees of the job.

Get business software – Purchase all the software that you feel are essential for the business.

Convince your audience – Come up with catchy stories to convince your audience about the business that you are running.

Leave room for change – You are all done but you might get some extra ideas in your mind at the last minute so always leave room for change.

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