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By Lucia Adams

People perceive Investment Banking Jobs as highly glamorous. But is that actually the case? Well yes, as an Investment Banker, you do get paid big bucks that helps you maintain a fancy lifestyle. And this is one of the reasons for many professionals to pursue investment banking as a career.

In this article, I am going to highlight the ways to get an investment banking job & the different kinds of jobs present in Investment Banking. But first, let us discuss the tasks that Investment Bankers are supposed to carry out.

What does an Investment Banker do?

Investment bankers usually work closely with governments, corporation & lots of other huge financial institutions in order to assist them in raising capital & provide them with investment related strategies.

In most cases, Investment bankers start their careers like generalists and then develop their knowledge & interest in a specific sector or industry. Basically, an investment banker gains the ability to become specialized as they spend more time in their filed.

Where can you find Investment Banking jobs?

There are a number of institutions where you can find Investment Banking jobs, big global investment banks being the most common ones. The bulge bracket banks like Morgan Stanley & Goldman Sachs are the most appealing places for investment bankers to work with. However, smaller banks that are regional or boutique in nature are also great regions to begin your career. Lazard & Jefferies are good examples of these.

Furthermore, investment bankers also have an option to work at alternative asset management companies like private equity institutions & venture capital firms.

How to get a job in Investment Banking?

Anyone planning to enter the Investment banking field needs to have a solid academic record along with an able degree in any of the finance-related fields. Though it was considered as a blueblood professional earlier with people coming from distinguished academic backgrounds, now several individuals are taking up investment banking right after they are done with their undergrad course. Such individuals work in investment banking for a couple years to gain knowledge & experience and then finally go back to college to pursue an MBA degree. In most cases, after earning a master’s degree, these professionals return to their last employers to join the same firm but at a higher rank.

Due to harsh competition in the field of Investment Banking, it is required for individuals to be well-educated & attain special characteristics to survive in this area of work.

What are the different types of jobs in Investment Banking?

Let us look at the most common jobs in Investment Banking

  1. Mergers and Acquisitions

Bankers who are experts in Mergers& Acquisitions are specialized in providing advice to companies searching for ways to merge with their competitor firms or acquire smaller firms.

  1. Underwriting

When a banker is helping governments & corporations in raising capital, they are working for a bank’s underwriting department.

  1. Private Equity

Considered as one of the most prestigious jobs in finance, private equity jobs are quite interesting to do. They can be found in investment banks having private equity arms.


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