What are the Effects of Chronic Anxiety on Your Body?

It is common for you to suffer from anxiety occasionally however if you suffer from chronic anxiety it is high time for you to consult a psychiatrist. Most people ignore the need to consult a healthcare professional when it comes to stress and anxiety however this is not a good sign it has adverse effects on the mind and body.

What are the harmful effects of anxiety on the human body?

People that suffer from anxiety face the following issues-

  • The sense of worthlessness and doom- Most people find it hard to focus on life. They have a negative approach to their problems. They find it hard to cope with the challenges of living and see a sense of doom and desperation into everything they do. Visiting a Hypnotherapist in this regard would be a wise step to take and we would suggest to go for Hypnotherapy Manchester if you live nearby.
  • Panic attacks- People that suffer from anxiety have frequent panic attacks. They face issues in thinking and often find it hard to breathe. They have chest pain and palpitations in the heart. The body temperature rises.
  • Depression- Depression is a side effect of anxiety. Here, people withdraw from social interaction, and they lose interest in the activities and things they once loved to do. Doctors often treat these patients with medications. There are safer and natural remedies like anxiety blankets that help these people fall asleep faster. These blankets are also known as weighted blankets, and they are helpful for people suffering from insomnia and anxiety.
  • Irritability- People that suffer from chronic depression are irritable, and they have frequent mood swings. These people do not like to hang out much, and they tend to get frustrated and angry at every little thing.
  • Stomach issues- People that suffer from chronic anxiety also suffer from stomach or digestion issues. They lose appetite and even if they eat food, they are not able to digest it properly. Most people also tend to eat their food in a rush as they are not interested in meals. This again aggravates their digestion issues and face stomach upset.
  • Loss of libido- Loss of sexual drive is a common problem that people face if they suffer from chronic anxiety.

Stress and anxiety

Those people that have chronic anxiety are also stressed. This increases the rise of the stress hormone called cortisol in the night. Doctors provide medications for anxiety however as mentioned above an anxiety blanket can help such people to sleep better. The quality of sleep needs to be good to allow the brain to function well. If you can get a good night of sleep, you will notice that your focus in life shifts from negative to positive.

The good news is anxiety can be cured by help and support from family and friends. Medical experts in the field can help you too. Getting a good night sleep is vital, and in case you have issues falling asleep, bring home an anxiety blanket. This blanket is safe and natural to improve your sleep and help your mind and body stay safe from the harmful effects of anxiety!

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