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It is time to delight in the real world by discovering the blog – which carries a vast industry of beauty and philosophy. For those who are passionate about discovering the wonders of the whole world, including adventure seekers and travellers, this blog has evolved into a haven.

In this article, we’ll embark on a journey to explore the world’s hidden gems, unveiling the beauty, significance, and specific benefits and features of

About blog

Simon and Susan, a dynamic couple who wished to share their travel experiences and encourage others to see the world, launched My Favourite Places in 2015. They both left their corporate jobs to go on a year-long tour through 50 countries. Their eyes were awakened to the beauty and diversity of the globe by the trip, which had a profound impact on them.

After coming back, Simon and Susan started My Favourite Places to offer thorough and genuine travel information. The site features hidden gem locations worldwide in addition to well-known tourist attractions. It encourages individuals to become conscientious travellers and global citizens by emphasising experience and sustainable travel. blog has developed into a thriving traveller community over time. It now receives over 200,000 visits per month from active social media users. Leading travel magazines have acknowledged the site’s distinctive storytelling style and trustworthy advice.

Unveiling the Beauty

Finding a location that tourists haven’t overtaken is fantastic. These hidden treasures, which can be a charming village tucked away in the mountains, a remote beach, or a secret waterfall, have a charm that transcends the usual tourist destinations. These locations offer a level of authenticity that is difficult to obtain elsewhere through firsthand accounts and experiences.

Why did Hidden Gems Matter?

For several reasons, hidden gems are important. First of all, they provide distinct cultural experiences that are unavailable in well-known tourist locations. They promote a closer bond with the local environment and culture by enabling tourists to avoid busy and occasionally overhyped destinations. In addition, highlighting hidden gems is consistent with sustainable tourism principles, guaranteeing the survival of these priceless assets for upcoming generations.

Key features of blog

1. Variety of locations: blog spans more than 75 countries and counting, with places ranging from well-known landmarks like the Eiffel Tower to secluded alpine hamlet. Travellers of all stripes are catered to, including foodies, explorers, families, backpackers, and culture vultures.

2. Insider advice:

Written by actual visitors, the books are brimming with useful insider knowledge on local traditions, transportation, budgeting, and more. Travellers can make wiser plans as a result.

3. Tips for responsible travel:

My Favourite Places encourages environmentally conscious and culturally intensive excursions. Travellers are taught how to make sustainable travel decisions by the guides.

4. Responsible travel tips:

thriving neighbourhood Thousands of travellers interact to share reviews, tips, and tales on the website and social media. Members share knowledge and inspiration.

5. Interactive content:

The blog is made interesting with contests, monthly travel challenges, podcasts, photo galleries, and videos. The founders and seasoned members are available to address queries from users on travel.

Examples of the Types of Content on My Favourite Places

Travellers may thoroughly immerse themselves in a destination before going thanks to the range of content available on blog. Here are a few instances:

  • Ideas for multi-day tours tailored to suit various types of travel: 4-Day Classic San Francisco Itinerary for First-Timers
  • Comprehensive guidebook spanning over 100 pages, including big locations such as The Ultimate Bangkok Travel Guide and stylish road trips like California’s Big Sur Road Trip.
  • hiking paths such as Hiking in the High Tatras of Slovakia
  • Highlights such as the Top 12 Things to Do in Melbourne are a must-see.
  • Advice regarding finances, health, transit, packing, safety, etc.
  • Stories with striking visuals, such as “Life in the Turkish Tea Fields,”
  • travelogues, food tours, and conversations with locals
  • Example travel expenses for various spending limits and travel preferences. blog – Why This Is Apart From Other Travel Sites?

See, what is the reason behind the attractiveness of this website, which makes it additional from all other websites?

  • Genuine, professional guidance – manuals authored by almost 50+ devoted travel writers. They impart useful advice based on their experience.
  • Our writers represent more than 15 nations. Their various cultural perspectives offer distinctive perspectives.
  • Itineraries, maps, and money-saving advice are all included in this planning resource, which is designed to make planning easy.
  • We provide exclusive, 10-person small group trips to over 65 sites that foster profound cross-cultural understanding.
  • For our narrative, photography, and support of ethical travel, blog has received honours from Lonely Planet, The SATW, Forbes, and NatGeo Traveller.

Social Media Presence

Using a variety of social media channels, expands its reach in the era of connected. Involve the audience with eye-catching graphics, live interactivity, and trip quizzes. The blog’s dedication to fostering reader connections is reflected in its social media presence.

Collaboration and partnerships

Partnerships with companies and other travellers improve the user experience. Examine the advantages that these collaborations provide the public, such as exclusive discounts and well-chosen trip packages. Learn how partnerships enhance the total value that the blog offers.

Plans and Developments for the Future

There are exciting plans for blog. Discover firsthand what new features, improvements, and content are coming to the store. Because of the blog’s dedication to ongoing development, visitors can always find something mesmerizing and new to read.

Interacting with the community on

Reading is not the end of the trip. By encouraging users to share their favourite locations, builds a vibrant and active community. Participate in the discussion, share your trip experiences, and aid in the group’s global discovery.


We hope this introduction has helped you understand how travelling with My Favourite Places might broaden your perspective.

When you use these virtual tools to immerse yourself in the wonder of other cultures and experiences, that’s when the real magic happens. You can explore your curiosity by learning a new language, cooking local dishes, hiking to breathtaking landscapes, learning a traditional skill from artisans, and dancing at festivals with the locals. You will make friends with locals and other travellers along the route. These priceless encounters and teachings will accompany you back home. blog gives you the motivation and resources you need to get started.


1. Is there any cost to use

No! There is no cost demand to visit this portal, anyone may browse and enjoy for free.

2. How can I use the site to share my travelogues?

By making an account on blog and participating in the community, you may share your travel experiences with others.

3. Are the trip recommendations found on reliable?

Indeed. The platform’s user-generated travel advice is based on experiences and offers other travellers insightful advice.

4. Can I use my smartphone to access

Yes, you may explore your favourite places while on the go with blog’s full mobile accessibility.

5. What advantages are available to registered users?

Priority access to new platform updates, personalised suggestions, and special features are all available to registered members.

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