Destiny 2: How to be Unbeatable in PvP

In the ever-evolving world of Destiny 2, where Guardians clash in epic battles, mastering the art of combat is the key to becoming truly unbeatable. You need a solid combination of strategy, tactics, and, most importantly, consistent improvement. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned veteran, there is always a chance to upgrade your skills and rule over your fellow Guardians in the game.

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This comprehensive guide delves into some key PvP strategies that will help you take down your opponents in Destiny 2, covering everything from the basics to advanced approaches.

Tip 1#: Movement and off-angles

You can leverage exotics and abilities in creative ways, such as using the Heat Rises aspect with Wings of Sacred Dawn to surprise enemies from the air.

Making use of class-specific movement abilities like Warlock Skate and Hunter’s Dodge is crucial for gaining an edge in PvP combat.

Mastering vertical and horizontal sight lines is important, with vertical movement offering unique tactical advantages.

Use the X-axis to create off-angles and catch your opponents off guard. For example, you can jump over an opponent and shoot them from above.

Maintaining unpredictability in your movement and off-angles is a key strategy to make it challenging for opponents to hit you.

Utilize Destiny 2’s directional audio system by listening for sounds like footsteps and gunshots to track hidden enemies.

The radar is your best friend in PvP. It can help you discover your opponent’s position and distance from them. Players should always be looking at the radar to identify where their enemy is and plan their next move accordingly.

Tip 2#: Radar Awareness

To bolster this skill, it’s crucial to consistently utilize the radar to track opponents’ positions and distances, making it a pivotal tool in planning your next moves during matches.

Understanding the radar’s mechanics, including its depiction of enemy locations and facing directions, is necessary for improving radar awareness.

Additionally, relying on Destiny 2’s directional audio system can help locate hidden foes. Listen for footsteps, gunshots, and other sounds to get a better idea of where your attackers are.

Being aware of the map and the different routes that rivals can help you get a better picture of where they might be coming from.

Tip 3#: Loadout Selection

Experiment with different load-outs to find out what best suits you. Test out the various weaponry, armor, and mods to see what fits your playstyle and is effective in different scenarios.

Different roles in PvP call for varied kinds of armor, weaponry, and upgrades. Consider your role in PvP and tailor loadouts accordingly. If you’re playing a support position, prioritize weapons and armor that boost your team’s abilities. If you’re playing a more aggressive role, choose weapons and armor which can help boost your abilities.

Change loadouts to suit specific game modes. Diverse load-outs are needed for various Destiny 2 game modes. For instance, in Control, you could choose equipment that will help you take over and defend zones, but in Clash, you might prioritize gear that would help you get more kills. 

Modify your armor to better suit your playstyle and boost your powers. Mods that strengthen your resistance or mobility, for instance, can help you last longer in combat, whereas mods that improve your weapon control or reload speed can help you finish off enemies quicker.

Lastly, aim for a balanced loadout that includes options for both close-quarters and long-range engagements. Versatility can be a key to success.

Tip 4#: Separate and Outplay Opponents

Utilize your character’s abilities, such as the Hunter’s dodge, to create unexpected off-angles and catch adversaries off guard.

Titans can create off-angles and obstruct lines of sight using their shield. This is particularly useful when looking to divide opponents and start one-on-one battles.

Employ tactics like leading enemies on chases to disrupt their team coordination and create one-on-one confrontations, especially effective when outnumbered.

One common mistake is re-challenging opponents when you’re wounded. To win 1v2s or 1v3s, avoid this. Separating your enemies and choosing when to engage can give you the upper hand.

Be unpredictable in your movements and off-angles to confuse opponents and make yourself a difficult target, all while keeping a vigilant eye on the radar for rivals.

Let the rival teams chase a player throughout the map. When outmatched in 3V3, this tactic is often successful. When enemies are being divided up, they will think they have an easy kill when they don’t.

Instead of going up against three opponents at once, players have the option of setting up many one-on-one encounters. Skilled players can use bait by guessing what an opponent will see on their radar.

Tip 5#: Explore Maps

Get a deeper view of the maps by studying capture points, angles, ammo spawns, and player spawns. Try to become more familiar with the physical space for a better understanding.

Awareness of your surroundings and the various angles from which enemies can approach is key. Spend time learning the maps and enemy routes for a better understanding of potential threats.

Your radar is a vital tool in PvP, enabling you to track opponent positions and distances, so make it a habit to continuously monitor it.

You can use your map knowledge to gain an advantage in the game, such as to create off-angles and catch your opponents off guard. For instance, the map’s layout might be used to flank your rivals or establish a choke point where you can eliminate them.

Additional Tip#: Learn about the Meta

The Destiny 2 PvP meta, which refers to the most popular and effective weapons, subclasses, and strategies in PvP, is constantly evolving. Staying updated on the current meta can help you make smart loadout decisions, adapt your strategy, and anticipate your opponent’s moves. Destiny 2’s PvP scene is a dynamic and ever-changing space. Remember that consistent practice, trying out new things, and a strong commitment to getting better are your best allies. Engage in regular practice sessions, either in-game or during private matches with friends to gain a better grasp of these mechanics in various scenarios. Your dedication to improving your skills is the key to staying ahead of the competition

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