December Global Holidays – Most Popular Festivities and Their Imagery

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Are you excited when you think about the month ‘December’? If the answer is ‘Yes, you can cheer a bit as only a few months left when the party begins. Moreover, when we talk about festivals, it is not only about celebrating together or getting together, but also about laughing together. Furthermore, it is the month where most cultures celebrate their spiritual happiness. Regardless of the culture of the people, you can celebrate Christmas with omisoka. Uniquely, this month is called the “world of holidays.” December is set apart by various occasions and celebrations throughout the planet. This also includes some strict social celebrations as well as some surprisingly funny occasions. Let’s take a look at what December global holidays can bring and how we can celebrate throughout this month.

Know some of the December global festivities and their symbolism:

Complete list of December global Holidays and festivities 2021

Name of the December global festivities         Date of December global Holidays          

Christmas day  (Worldwide)                                  25th December 2021 

Hanukkah         (Worldwide)                                 10th December 2021 

Boxing Day        (Worldwide)                                 26th December 2021 

Ōmisoka            (Worldwide)                                  31st December 2021 

New Year’s Eve (Worldwide)                                  31st December 2021 

Boxing Day        (Worldwide)                                  26th December 2021 

Santa Lucia        (Italy)                                            13th December 2021

Yule                   (Multiple locations)                        21st December 2021

Kwanzaa           (Africa, America)                          26th December 2021

1. Christmas day 2021- An international holiday in December

Normally, when we talk about one of the December global festivities, it is all about Christmas. Moreover, in Christianity, it is one of the most important days where you celebrate the days of the birthday of Jesus. Furthermore, regardless of the reason for the celebration, this Christmas 2021 varies from place to place.

In addition, it does not matter whether you want to celebrate it solely for religious reasons or cultural celebrations, this day consists of some of the most beautiful but varied and different kinds of celebrations throughout the planet. For example, if you take a look at America, you can find that they celebrate with the Christmas trees. Apart from that, they have Santa Claus who visits the kids with gifts.

Furthermore, in Australia, Christmas falls during summer where you will miss the snowy landscape. Here, people would like to go to the beach or camping. Uniquely, people also would like to decorate their home with a “Christmas Bush”. Correspondingly, it is more like a native tree in Australia that consists of small, beautiful leaves. It is part of their December global holidays.

Likewise, if you take a look at England, though the tradition is more similar to the USA, children leave pies and brandy for churches’ fathers instead of Santa Claus. In most European cities, the capital city turns into a winter wonderland. Moreover, you may find a Christmas market.

2. Hanukkah – enjoy this December Global Holidays 2021

Hanukkah is one of the most important December global holidays and festivals for the Jewish community. Uniquely, this ceremony is marked as the commitment of the temple in Jerusalem to god. Moreover, this celebration consists of eight-day and after the Maccabean Revolt. Furthermore, most of the Jews believe that it was a miracle who took part in witnessing re-dedication.

Correspondingly, some people believe that menorah’s candles were burning for eight days where only untainted oil was left to burn for a single day. As an international holiday in December, this festival is marked with singing special songs for Ma’oz Tzur as well as praying Hallel prayer. Apart from that, this custom also includes eating some oil-dried food called “latkes” and jam-filled donuts called “sufganiyot” and playing or sharing gifts among celebrants.

3. Boxing Day

If you look at the December global holidays 2021, it takes place on December 26. However, this holiday is celebrated only in a few countries and originated in the UK. It was very popular during the Middle Ages. As per as charity is concerned, people keep an alms box or collection box for the poor. During this time, churches keep their doors open and distribute their content. Moreover, it is the day where everyone takes a day off to celebrate holidays with their families.

Boxing day is one of the celebrated holidays in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, among other countries. Apart from that, in England, they also organize soccer matches as well as horse races. Furthermore, in some countries like Ireland, they like to celebrate St. Stephen’s Day. In addition, they celebrate their tradition differently where it is called hunting the wren. In Ireland, boys create a fake wren and fasten it. Then, they parade it throughout the town. In the Bahamas, the festival is celebrated as Junkanoo.


Among all December global holidays, Ōmisoka is one of the most important days in Japan. As it is the final day of the year 2021, it is one of the most celebrated days of the year in Japan. According to rituals, families gather one last time in the old year to celebrate with a bowl of long noodles. Likewise, it is a tradition that signifies the crossing from one year to the next.

Sometimes they also visit shrines for Hatsumōde. Moreover, Shinto shrines also prepare amazake and Buddhist temples also prepare to strike the cast bell. Furthermore, the bell also struck 108 times which showcases not to concentrate on earthly desires. Correspondingly, they believe that it can cause human suffering.

 New Year 2022
Celebrate New Year 2022

5. Celebrate New Year 2022

As far as December global holiday is concerned, it varies. However, as New Year 2022 is a few months away, it is knocking on the door. Moreover, it is celebrated worldwide regardless of race, religion, and creed. This last day also falls on the last day of the very last month. As the name suggests, the purpose of this day is to celebrate the end of the old year and the beginning of new hope.

This celebration also usher’s new ideas for the upcoming year. Furthermore, some people observe the day by visiting religious places and seeking blessings from God before a new beginning. Moreover, some people observe the day in pubs, restaurants, or other places of social gathering. Uniquely, the celebration begins at midnight where people use firecrackers and sing songs or shouts of joy.

6. Santa Lucia –  just as important as Christmas 2021

In Italy, Saint Santa Lucia is considered a martyr and viewed as a figure of light. Moreover, she is also considered an image of expectation and recalled every December thirteenth. Furthermore, these December global holidays are quite significant because environmental shows and parades take place. In addition, it also highlights vocalists clad in white and wearing hats, candles. Apart from that some countries also have traditions of thirteen Santas instead of one. Additionally, each day one Santa arrives thirteen days before and they bring gifts for the kids and place them outside of the window.

7. Yule

It is widely celebrated as one of the best December global holidays in German-speaking countries. Moreover, it has some links with pagan cultures. Furthermore, it is considered one of the oldest celebrations. Correspondingly, it is celebrated by lighting a large bonfire. Uniquely, people spend entire nights camping outside. Apart from some decorations, the celebration ends with exchanging gifts too.

8. Kwanzaa

Kwanza is part of the December global holidays especially among African communities in the United States. Likewise, this celebration is celebrated with African tunes and moves. Moreover, it includes narrating various rules of African culture. Furthermore, it ends with a customary dinner towards the end of every day.


If you take a look, there are huge sorts of fun and amusement that take place during the December global holidays. Moreover, you can enjoy the wide collection of dresses that you have particularly for this month. Furthermore, December is not only about the month of finer various things for yourself but also to shower gifts to others. Likewise, it would be ideal for you to prepare this month adequately and save some money for gifts.

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