What Does Content Spam Actually Mean?

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By Rahul Kumar

Perhaps you never actually saw the phrase “Content Spam” on SEO theory. Although it is not the latest buzzword in SEO industry but still people are searching for answers of this on SEO theory. While searching on web for the same, you will find so much information and I also did write article for the same. Here I will share my views and knowledge about “Content Spam”.

Spamming simply mean it annoying the visitors enough to click on signup forms and advertising instead of serving any purpose. However some people might call this “relevant context”, “advertising copy” and “lead generation”. Cyberspace is abusive as there is so much of it. Generally someone who camp to spam follow the rule of- If one is good, thousand will be orgasmic for me.

Too much of something that is generally not worth caring about is not good, whether you are using link spam, news group spam, email spam or content spam, when it comes to spamming, all are same.

However it is easy to identify content spam because it is there to provide one or more promotional links, it is only there to provide advertising or a lead gen form, or it is there as a place holder and still try to get some traffic.

So what if someone were not tried to get a conversion, would content still exist there? If yes, then may be it not a spammy content. In contrast if you want to warn people about the dangers of smoking, the chances are pretty good that you would be repeating what is already there on web. Here chances are more that readers may already have read what you’re saying, so in that case what is the value of repeating what has been already there. Is it really worth?

This is what most of the SEO bloggers avoid especially when it comes to write for their personal or corporate blogs. By doing this, they just forcing themselves upon visitors with worn out and tired buzzword and topics. Let’s have a look what you could do better about content spam.

  • Content spam is not about intentions
  • Content spam looks like real but in real it is not
  • Yes, guest blogging is content spam

Regardless what your intentions are, in case your content is not conveying anything new or different from what has already been published, then your content is spammy. In search marketing industry where few people read every major blog, it’s true that some story break on a dozen of websites.

Are all top SEO bloggers saying anything new? I think rarely. Rarely something new comes in SEO industry, however sometimes it really comes with new stuff but not every time. Yes it’s true most of the bloggers publish spam content on a regular basis because they have to publish something for their subscribers or to maintain their business flows. So if big SEO websites are in guilty of spamming, it’s easy to say, its fine for everyone else.

In addition, it is true that guest blogging is content spam. Yes it is, frankly you are taking the same content and rearrange it for your audiences. Isn’t it? Some call this content marketing, but actually it is content spamming. Does not matter for whom you are writing, make sure you write unique and fresh content for your audience.

Try to be a writer, not a copy writer. Try to challenge yourself to be different from others and most importantly try to reject all the boring topics.

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