Consult with the Best Heart Specialist Clinic in Singapore to Enjoy All-Inclusive Cardiac Services

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The heart is the hub of a person’s cardiovascular system which is responsible for everything which gives their body life which includes everything from the success of their immune system to oxygen transportation. Besides the activities that one undergoes and the food they eat can dramatically affect their heart’s overall health along with the other tissues which will make up their cardiovascular system. If you are suffering from any heart problem, you need to consult the best heart specialist clinic that can offer you with all-inclusive cardiac services.

The Complete Service Portfolio

Today there is no shortage in the availability of heart specialist clinic in Singapore, but it is always wise to choose the best only then you can enjoy these all-inclusive cardiac services namely,

• Physician Consultation- This is the initial evaluation that will be performed in the clinic by a specialized cardiologist. He/she will review the patient’s medical history thoroughly, conduct a physical exam as well as discuss a plan based on their particular medical condition. They will welcome all forms of concerns or questions that the patient or their family members are likely to have concerning the heart condition.

• Echo- What is also known as echocardiography is a diagnostic test that is non-invasive that utilizes sound or sonar waves for creating an image on the ultrasound machine of the heart of the patient. It will help in determining the heart’s structure, heart chambers’ size, the function of the valve, the heart’s pumping function and the strength in its entirety. To know more, visit

• Stress Test- They will also conduct a cardiac stress test that includes a walk on the treadmill and monitoring the heart rate, blood pressure, and the EKG (electrical activity) of the heart. This diagnostic test is used for assessing cardiac function and exercise capacity. The stress test will help to diagnose the reason behind chest pain, palpitation, shortness of breath amid others. Many people get impressed with the medical field that they even think of pursuing a career in this field, a medical career such as working as an EKG technician.

• Cardiac Device- They will offer an all-inclusive cardiac device for a routine monitoring of Reveal Ling devices, Implantable Cardiac Defibrillator and Pacemaker.

• Cardiac Catheterization- Here a catheter which is a flexible, narrow tube is inserted into the arteries, heart chambers, and veins via the blood vessel. This technique will help in recording the blood pressure both the heart and lungs’ blood vessels. Besides, it can also help in measuring the oxygen content and flow of blood in the various sections of the heart. This test will help to study any blockage in the artery and whether the patient needs an open-heart surgery or coronary angioplasty.

• Holter Monitor- This is worn for a day for constant cardiac monitoring and is put on patients that experience fainting spells, dizziness or palpitations. It will help to record abnormal heart rhythms if any.

The best heart clinic will pay attention to the significance of cardiac prevention based on lifestyle modification, periodic testing, and medication use. They offer some preventative cardiology services such as blood pressure evaluation as well as treatment and cholesterol management that can be tested in their office. The regular follow-up visits with them will help to stop the progression of the cardiac problem. So, choose the best clinic always.

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