Clevo PA71 – Gaming Laptop Review | Specifications

Clevo PA71 has amazing specifications and performance when it comes to a laptop. In this article, we shall cover all aspects of the laptop including design and benchmark so you can decide whether this laptop is for you or not.

Gaming Laptops may have reduced performance but they can easily be carried everywhere. They are more practical when they include amazing specifications and come on a budget. You may or may not have heard about Clevo as a brand.

In this article, we will tell you all about the brand, the laptop’s specifications, and the benchmark. We will provide all the relevant scores and give a verdict. By reading the whole article you will understand who is this laptop for.

Overview of Clevo as a brand

Clevo as a brand creates custom computers and laptops for demanding customers. Their specialization is building tailored-made systems for its users which meet their specific needs.

Particularly in the case of laptops, this is true. They have more than 50 models, ranging from basic workstations for offices to high-tech ones. They collaborate with all of the top producers, and each component is original and trademarked.

Instead of building a laptop with the best features at a high cost, they build laptops that can be beneficial for a particular activity. For instance, you might not need a strong GPU if you desire a laptop for programming. On the other hand, you need the most recent and best specifications if you play the most recent E-sport games on your laptop. You are covered by Clevo in both scenarios.

Description of Clevo PA71

It is a gaming laptop that includes great specifications which obviously brings great performance. To list a few of its main specifications it comes with an i7 – 7700HQ CPU, GTX 1070 GPU, 16GB RAM, and 512GB SSD storage. With such specifications, you can tell that the performance will obviously be great.

For a laptop to pack amazing performance the most important part is its CPU. The Clevo PA71 has i7 7th generation and the HQ in its name signifies highly optimized CPUs for laptops. GTX 1070 from NVIDIA may be a little dated but it is still a capable GPU for gaming and editing. 16GB RAM is more than enough even if you run multiple tasks at once. 512GB not only means faster boot times but you can also read or write files faster. 

Specifications in Detail

ProcessorIntel i7 – 7700HQ clocked at 2.80GHz
Graphics CardGTX 1070 + Intel UHD 630 (Switchable)
Screen Size17 inches
Pixel Density254.7 PPI
Highest Resolution3840×2160 FHD, 144Hz Refresh Rate
RAM Speed2400MHz
Storage Size512 GB
Storage TypeSSD
CameraWebcam 2MP 1080p 30FPS
KeyboardFull keyboard layout with RGB (Customizable with software) (No Flex on keyboard)
BuildAlumunium Body
Ports2 mini display ports, USB ports,and a Headphone Jack
Battery Capacity66wH
SpeakersComes with inbuilt speakers with decent performance
Operating SystemWindows 10 Home (Genuine)
Battery Life4.4 Hours to 4.1 hours (Depends on usage)
Performance79.6 FPS(1080p), 58.2FPS (1440p), 34.5(4K)


Benchmark is important when you are planning to buy a system. Not only laptops but desktops and lately even smartphone benchmark scores are considered before buying a device.  The main objective of this tests is to give you an idea of the performance by just looking at the score once. The higher the score the better performance it gives.

Since it is a gaming laptop the most relevant tool for testing this laptop will be a game. Since the Clevo PA71 comes with a GTX GPU we wont be testing the latest games with Ray-Tracing capabilities. Ray Tracing is only available in RTX series.

For today’s test we chose Anthem by EA. It came out in the year 2019 and is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful game of last gen. It is a co-op game where you and three of your friends can play together. So the game is perfect for benchmark.  We tested the game in every preset and the scores are listed below:

Quality PresetResolutionFPS
Low2160p111 FPS
 1440p178 FPS
 1080p212 FPS
Medium2160p133 FPS
 1440p110 FPS
 1080p132 FPS
High2160p45 FPS
 1440p76 FPS
 1080p93 FPS
Ultra2160p23 FPS
 1440p43 FPS
 1080p54 FPS


With the benchmark above and the impressive specification that it includes it is clear that the Clevo PA71 is a great gaming laptop. It may not have the most advanced specifications, but it has fantastic components that let you play the latest games at 1440p resolution on medium to high settings.

So, if you are okay with the $2000 price tag and looking for a capable gaming laptop then this can be the perfect laptop for you.

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