Choose the Right Drain Cleaner for Your Home

It’s a wrong idea if you believe that drain cleaners are always pungent smelling, harmful, corrosive, strongly acidic or alkaline solvents that corrode every surface they get including your skin and bones and are highly toxic even to breathe fumes. Well, certainly there are harsh and strong cleaners for the toughest dirt and blocks there in the market. And they are made that way for strong reasons as well.

But as the owner of a safe and hygienic household, you do not have to invest in such strong cleaners if you do not want to. Rather, you may invest in eco-friendly drain cleaners, which will help you clean the drains without emitting harmful toxic and corrosive fumes, bad odor, and also will be safe on your skin and hair.

With studying more on drain cleaners available for simple use, you can develop a better idea of cleaners, and can invest wisely on a reasonably priced eco-friendly drain cleaner for sustained use.

Drain cleaners perfect for home use

There are some drain cleaners which are perfect for home use. These cleaners have all those properties which homeowners look for. Some of them are:

  • The formula which is not highly corrosive on skin and hair, and yet highly effective on drains to melt the clogs and set the drain clean.
  • Low or no fumes. Toxic fumes are hazardous and bad for health. Especially if you have seniors at home or children, then you must find out non-toxic fume producing cleaners.
  • Low priced cleaners which justify the amount of cleaning they do at the amount they are used per application.
  • Odor-free or low odor cleaners which would not choke you with the bad odor.
  • Cleaners which would not require you to use them too frequently and one application would keep the drain clean for a quality time.
  • Cleaners which need not be used in a huge amount, and a little or reasonable volume of the cleaner does the job without repeated pouring.
  • Cleaner this is made from natural ingredients and also is bio-degradable and hence good for nature. Such eco-friendly cleaner is always good for home use and handling.
  • A drain cleaner that is overall safe to handle, prepare in portions for the cleaning, and easy to apply. Some drain cleaners need to be activated using solvents etc. in specific ways which complicate the process and elongates application time as well.
  • If the cleaner is available from nearby stores or can be ordered online from dedicated drain cleaning supplies and stores.

Based on the conditions above, consumers search for recommended cleaners. And when you get one of that kind, you can be happy and buy that and use.


It’s smart to go through reviews of drain cleaners, read and understand what reviewers and consumers have to say about them for home use. Some cleaners are great for industrial cleaning and too strong for homes. Again some are just the right formula for home drains, but not strong for other uses. You can select them by reading their reviews and customer feedback.

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