How To Choose Handlebars for Your MC

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Adjusting your bike to fit you perfectly is a worthwhile project and can help you ride in maximum comfort. One of the first places to start when customizing your bike to your preferred dimensions is swapping out the handlebars. This can be trickier than it seems, especially if this is your first time integrating aftermarket motorcycle parts onto your bike. To make sure you get the look and feel you want, here’s how to choose handlebars for your MC.

Choose a Style

There are many different handlebar styles you could potentially install on your motorcycle, but they may not all be comfortable or appropriate for your type of riding style. Ape Hangers, for example, work great if you like cruising in style and don’t care too much about maintaining comfort. The Chumps handlebar, on the other hand, may be a better choice if you prioritize comfort and don’t mind if your handlebars are a little more conservative in appearance.


Measuring is one of the best ways to select handlebars that will accurately fit your motorcycle and help you avoid fatigue on the road. You’ll want to take three different measurements:

  1. The height from the center to the end of one handlebar (how far the handlebar rises into the air)
  2. The pullback (how far the handlebar bends backward towards the bike seat)
  3. The width of the handlebars from one end to the other

Need help figuring out the optimal handlebar dimensions for your MC? Simply sit on your bike (ask someone to hold it up right for you so you can put your feet on the pegs as if you are riding it), close your eyes and hold your hands out to where they would comfortably rest on your handlebars. Open your eyes and have someone help you jot down your ideal measurements. Next, shop for handlebars that match your preferred dimensions and shop for other OEM ATV parts to match your new look. Making a wise decision can help you in maintaining your vehicle in the best possible manner as you always wanted it to be and you can ride it with full confidence and style.

No doubt if your vehicle is in good condition and maintained well then you enjoy riding it and you can make your every ride memorable. So, it’s time to give importance to the maintenance of your motorcycle and enjoy riding it. Take care of the handlebars of your motorcycle and make sure it is perfect as per your vehicle so that you can ride with ease and have no trouble. Choosing handlebars for your motorcycle can be a bit hard these days as you have so many choices but if you research well then you can surely grab the best one for your motorcycle.

You can even look for handlebars online and choose one as per your need. No wonder you can get anything and almost everything online today so why to look here and there.

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