Is the Chance To Pass A Urine Drug Test High?

Drug tests are scary – no point debating about it. They happen so suddenly that even occasional and non-users are driven to the edge of their seat. Thoughts of “What if something comes up?”can instantly fog a person’s mind regardless of he or she is guilty of engaging in illegal medication(Check out more information here: To what extent can urine tests detect the presence of a substance anyway? Is it to the point that even the slightest whiff you had last night can be detected?

Well, we all know why you’re here today. If I’m guessing right, you’re due for a drug test real soon and you want to know what chances you have of making it out alive – or at the very least, unsuspended and not terminated from the job you love so much. Don’t worry, we hear you.

And luckily, we’re also here to help you.

To start with, we come to bring you both good and bad news. Out of courtesy, I guess we’ll just start with sharing the bad news with you (this is so you can look forward to hearing better news later!). Anyway, let’s discuss how effective urine tests are in detecting drugs and other illegal substances, like Marijuana, in your pee?

Are Urine Tests Effective in Exposing Drug Residues from Your Pee?

In three words: Yes, they are.
I know that hearing this kind of breaks your hopes in passing the drug test that’s about to take place, but you have to hear the truth and we don’t plan on hiding anything from you. Urine tests are effective. That’s the only reason why they have been consistently used in drug prevention efforts up to this day. If it has been used after this long a time, then you should already know that it’s because it’s doing its job right. So, don’t try to underestimate the detecting capabilities of a Urine test just because newer technologies have emerged. They will not be regarded as a classic drug detection methodology if they were defective or inconsistent in any way.

Seems like I scared you a bit now, haven’t I? Don’t worry. As I said, we still have good news for you – and hopefully, this news will be good enough to erase all your worries.

How Can I Increase My Chances of Passing A Drug Test?

Although I did say that urine tests are good at what they do, I did not say that they are fail proof. There are always ways to avoid getting into trouble with your company if you thoroughly understand how to pass a urine test. If there aren’t, then how do you suppose thousands of other functioning professionals manage to retain their jobs? Life is hard, and work is even harder. We understand that occasional drug use, especially the use of Marijuana, is some people’s way of fighting stress off and feeling carefree – even if it’s just for a while.

Therefore, we have decided to help you think up of ways to pass that impending drug test. Surely, one of these ways will successfully help you get through this ordeal in your career life.

1. Detoxify

The one best way to clean your system is to eat foods that count. In other words, healthy meals and snacks that can help you reboot your body back to normal. Detoxifying is the only sure way you can rid yourself of drug traces. Eating fruits and vegetables, which are high in fiber, can help you flush out foreign and waste materials in your body and encourage healthy cell growth. The sooner you start, the greater the chances you have of cleansing your urine, blood, and saliva 100%. However, know that the detox method takes time, so you can only consider doing this when you are weeks or months away from taking a drug test. Detoxifying today for a drug test tomorrow will hardly change the inner workings of your body.

2. Drink Plenty of Water

The water therapy never gets old. Some people even say that water is the best medicine you could ever take. It remedies many health issues and problems and also restores your body’s tune back to normal. Instead of drinking the usual 6-8 glasses per day, you can try drinking 10. Drinking lots of water will make you pee more often and when you’re due for a drug test, peeing frequently can actually save you from a lot of trouble – especially when the test you’re about to take is a urine test.

3. Ever Heard of Products Like TestClear?

If all else fails or when your company suddenly decides to hold a surprise drug test, you still have one more option to consider – synthetic products like TestClear. These products can be used in place of your pee, blood, or saliva sample. It should help you clear your tests easily. If you’re driven into a corner and you have no time to rid your system of whatever you smoked last night, you can always still turn to products like these as a last resort.

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