How Carters Credit Card Is Different From Other Credit Cards? 

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Carter’s has collaborated with Comenity Capital Bank, which issues the Carters Credit Card on behalf of Carters Inc., rather than issuing its own credit cards. Carters provides its customers with Credit Cards so they can shop at its stores and on its website without having to worry about making payments. On every transaction, customers receive reward points that are simple to redeem.

Carters INC is a multi-brand children’s clothes and fashion retailer with locations around the United States. Founded in 1865, Carter’s INC. today has 600 locations around the country.

It is the biggest brand marketer of children’s apparel and accessories in the nation.

In this article, you can find the most recent information on Carters Credit Card. What fees, charges, interest rates, and other terms are there? It has advantages and disadvantages, what are they? Verify this article’s information to make sure it is current and complete.

What is the best offer to get with the credit card?

Starting with the best offer is undoubtedly the introductory offer. If you apply for a new Carters credit card, you will enjoy discounts of 20% and 30% on your first purchase once your application has been approved, you can open an account and you can start using the card from that day.

What is the My Rewarding Loyalty Program? How does it work?

 Customers can earn rewards more quickly and conveniently with the help of the free loyalty program My Rewarding Moments offered by the Carters and other brand families. Customers who use a new card can instantly register in the My Rewarding Moments program.

  • You can earn two reward points for each dollar you spend with your card.
  • Customers who sign up for the My Rewarding Moments program will receive $10 for every 150 points they spend. It indicates earning 100 points for every $75 spent. Accordingly, cardholders will receive 13.33% back through rewards points, a relatively high rate compared to other credit cards.

How to apply for the card?

The My Rewarding Moments program is open to all consumers who are at least 18 years old. Customer enrollment is completely free of charge and you can just visit any official website.

What are its benefits?

People who frequently make purchases from carter’s brands can take advantage of many benefits with this credit card. The following list includes some of the most significant advantages.

  1. Invitations to the special sales are available to the cardholder first.
  2. In addition, cardholders will have access to special birthday deals, surprise triple point days, and additional points in the app, where they may earn three points for every dollar spent.
  3. Get the financial flexibility you need to make the purchases you want for your loving children and take advantage of the greatest items available through a simple and quick method.
  4. Every order comes with free shipping.
  5. All new cardholders will be instantly registered in my rewarding moment program, where they will receive a number of interesting features and opportunities to earn rewards points.

How do you redeem those points?

Each and every member of My Rewarding Moments will be able to use their reward points at any brand in the Cartesian family. A $10 incentive is available to clients once they have accumulated 150 reward points. Regarding this, customers will receive an email.

What are the associated fees and costs?

These are some of the associated fees and costs that you can expect:

  • The minimal amount of $2 is the interest charge.
  • The Annual Percentage Rate (APR), which is changeable, will be 28.99%.
  • Up to $41 is the charge as a late payment and returned payment fee. If no penalty is present over the previous six billing cycles, you would still be charged $30.
  • The yearly charge for Carters Credit Card is nonexistent.

How does one check the activities?

By logging into the official website, users can view the activities of their programs.

You can contact their customer support if you need any additional details or assistance with the My Rewarding Moments program.

What are the limitations of the card?

There are certain restrictions despite the extremely high payout rates. Reward points are only good for six months after you acquire them. The 45-day window following the date of issuance applies to all Dollar Rewards. Because of this, you have 45 days to use your Rewards Dollars before they expire by making another purchase.

How long does it take to get the card approved?

It will take time when you can get the approval. In some circumstances, a final decision should be delivered in a few days, but in the majority of cases, you can accept it right away.


A great store-branded credit card to try if you frequently buy things for kids is Carters credit card. It is a wonderful choice for people with kids or for those who frequently make purchases for them. It is an appealing idea because it has many benefits and a few downsides. Additionally, it is simpler for those with fair credit to obtain. This makes it a sensible choice for many people.

FAQ Section:

1. What is the credit limit for the card?

Your purchase and repayment history, credit score, annual income, and other criteria all play a role in determining your credit limit. Your application for a credit card will be approved first, at which point it will be determined and you will be informed.

2. How to download the app?

Downloading the Carter mobile app will result in customers earning more reward points. The official website is where users may get the mobile app.

3. Can you opt out of paper communications?

Your account allows you to sign up for the free Paperless Communication service. Both your email address and mobile number will be used for critical communications.

4. Is the card worth it?

Your usage determines the card’s value. The card is essential to have if you frequently purchase children’s items including toys, clothing, and other accessories.

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