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No one can prepare for a car accident and the influence it can have on one’s life. It can cause pain, fear, loss, expense, and inconvenience for the people involved. Car Accident Attorney Los Angeles can help in such a situation where you received any injuries, damages, or expenses, you may qualify for repayment.

They can provide you with consultation without any trouble or affirmation as they comprehend that the insurance businesses are not always on your side and do not approve your claims. In such situations, you must not delay as it can affect the compensation you will receive.

Each year, 1.5 million people die from car crashes worldwide. These accidents can occur for a number of factors, including speeding, inexperienced drivers, distracted drivers, reckless driving, and intoxicated drivers. However, negligent drivers are the main reason behind most of the accidents that occur.

Carpenter & Zuckerman law firm has devoted and skilled car accident lawyers who are ready to help you with your case.

They safeguard the rights of automobile accident victims with an experience of more than 25 years.

They are fully aware of the schemes and course of action that an insurance company may utilize to undervalue the claim you make against them and they help to put a stop to it.

What should you do after an accident?

There are a few things to do right after you have been in an accident :

  • Seek medical help:
    For any injury, you receive you must seek medical help. This also helps in creating an official record of the injuries received.
  • Call the police:
    They can provide us with all the official documents which we will need later during the insurance claim. They can correctly determine whose negligence caused the accident.
  • Contact details:
    Exchanging contact information is also important with the people involved in an accident. It should also include photos of the accident, license plate numbers, and contact numbers of the other driver and people affected.
  • Contact Insurance company:
    You should call your insurance company soon and report the accident as soon as it happens.
  • Do not leave the accident spot:
    Leaving the accident spot in a rush may make it look like you are guilty in court. It may also lead to criminal charges against you. You must share your contact and insurance information with others involved in an accident.
  • Do not give any statement:
    It is always advised not to admit anything before consulting an attorney. It is also recommended not to discuss anything about the accident with anyone and not post about the accident on social media platforms.

When should you hire a car accident attorney?

The first thing to do after seeking medical help is to decide whether or not you will require an attorney who can help during an insurance claim.

After you have been in an accident you might not know what to do next. A law firm like car accident attorney los angeles with prior experience can help you get compensation. Getting your claim against insurance companies alone can be a difficult task alone.

Insurance companies most of the time are looking for ways to underrate or dismiss the claims altogether.

They have immense experience and legal teams and you will definitely require a car accident attorney capable of fighting against them.

In this challenging time. You may be dealing with a lot of trauma or loss and dealing with the insurance companies can be very difficult alone so you need to contact an attorney soon after the accident.

Why go for Carpenter & Zuckerman?

They have top lawyers who can help in receiving the maximum amount possible and to date have collected over $2 Billion dollars in settlements.

They have more than 25 years of experience in the same field and have been helping the victims since 1995.

They have trial-tested lawyers who understand what you are going through and treat you like a family. They do not charge any fees unless they win the case for you. They take the payment directly from the settlement.

What are their practice areas?

In car accident attorney los angeles, they believe that no case is too complex or big to handle. They handle all types of car accidents and tirelessly work on your case until you get compensated.

The areas where they can help you are:

  1. Fatal and catastrophic injuries
  2. Car accident
  3. An injury on someone’s property caused by their negligence
  4. Any type of assault
  5. Any harm received after using a product

Where are they based?

The law firm aids people around California and nearby areas, and you will find their offices in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Orange County (Garden Grove), Bakersfield, Las Vegas, and San Diego. Whether you have been in an accident or sustained an injury due to someone else’s negligence they can help you.

What are the advantages of hiring them as your attorney?

There are a number of advantages of hiring Carpenter & Zuckerman as your attorney and they are:


CZ is a leading Californian law firm.  With $131 million dollar total settlements in car accidents, $74 million in birth injury, $45 million in drunk driving, and $31.7 million they have an extremely good track record in getting settlements and you can easily consider them as leaders.

Size and strength:

They have the size and strength that can almost match the size of giant insurance companies. This gives you a fighting chance that you would not get alone when fighting them.


You can almost say that their services are almost free as they study your case for free and only receive a payment if they win the case. You do not have to pay them from your pocket as they get paid directly from the settlement. If they do not recover your loss they do not get paid.


They also evaluate your case for free, help you seek medical assistance, help reduce your bills or eliminate them, car repair or even replacement, they don’t require any payment unless they win the case.

Is it worth it to hire them as your lawyer?

Without an experienced personal injury lawyer helping with a car accident case, accident victims may place themselves entirely at the whims of insurance adjusters who may seek to minimize the amount of money they will payout.

In the absence of a skilled car accident attorney, the victims may not be able to tackle the insurance companies alone. Insurance companies do anything in their capacity to decrease the payout amount.

Car accident attorney los angeles will collect all the required information and with their expertise build up an assertive case for you against the insurance companies for the settlement.

They can notify you of your rights and counsel you so that you don’t admit anything which could damage your chances of getting compensated.

They can also call and contact a number of experts to reinforce your claim against insurance companies. So we can say that their service is really worth it.


Any attorney can represent you in an accident case, but they might not possess the skills and expertise that car accident attorney los angeles provide. They will do everything to bring you justice and defend you from the bad practices of insurance companies.

They take the weight off your shoulders so you can start the healing process and get back to your normal life.

They treat you like family and fight for your case as their own. With their years of knowledge, they understand what you must be going through. They take care of everything from collecting documents to providing you medical care and finally the repayment you must get.


  • What is

Carpenter & Zuckerman law firm is a devoted California-based car accident or personal injury law firm.

  • Where is their office?

You can locate their offices in California with offices in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Orange County (Garden Grove), Bakersfield, Las Vegas, and San Diego. They can come to you for providing services.

  • What is their field of expertise?

Their field of expertise is vehicle accident cases where they have won and recovered more than $131 million in total compensation.

  • What do they believe?

John C Carpenter, one of the founders of the firm believes that justice at a discount is no justice at all.

  • When should you call a car accident lawyer?

When you are hurt in an accident due to someone else’s negligence for which you think you should get compensation then you should call a car accident lawyer.

  • Are their services worth it?

They are one of the leading firms in handling these types of cases and have gathered more than $2 billion in compensation since 1995. They treat you like family and do not charge any fees unless they win. They also provide additional help in getting medical treatment and help you start your healing process.

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