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Instagram has more than a billion users and also the highest interaction rate in comparison to the other social networking platforms. Instagram has undoubtedly become a big part of the lives of numerous people. According to, Instagram is known to have more than 2 million advertisers who are constantly active on this visual platform. Businesses are also constantly using Instagram for finding illustrators or graphic designers for collaborating or working with them. If you are interested in making money as a graphics designer on Instagram, you have to concentrate on creating posts that are engaging and are capable of reaching more and more followers.

Using this platform does not mean that you will cram all your contents with the help of hashtags. Instagram can be used for a lot more than this. Users will not be shown the posts in chronological orders but in accordance with the relationships and interests that they have. The posts that are engaging and relevant to the followers will be given a priority. This means that it is crucial to post the right kinds of contents.

If you do not have a proper idea as to how you can harness the feed for getting more followers as well as making more money, you can consider the tips that have been mentioned below.

Switching to business accounts

The easiest and quickest manner of getting an insight into the Instagram account is by switching from your personal account to the business account. This will provide additional insight about all your followers, provide you with the opportunity of observing the posts and their performances, and you will also be able to create promotions. You will also have the option of adding contact buttons to the account.

If you are interested in switching the account, you have to go to the settings and tap on Switch to the Business Profile. You need to keep in mind that for doing this, the requirement of a business page on Facebook is necessary despite having a personal profile.

Writing a bio with a proper link

Your bio should be capable of telling the users about you, and provide them with proper information about everything that you do. Your bio should be capable of reflecting the unique personality that you have. Instagram is visual and you cannot use a profile picture that is grainy or blurry. You have to use clean images that will be capable of showing what you have to sell or promote in a clear manner.

The Instagram bio is the one and only place where you will be able to post the active links. This is why you should be extremely wise when you are choosing a particular link. The link should lead to your projects or your website.

Treating the Instagram feed as if it is your portfolio

The Instagram feed should be extremely cohesive and should be capable of displaying the style that you have. You should try to use your Instagram feed as your portfolio. You cannot forget that numerous people are constantly eyeing your profile and you should do everything possible in order to arouse their interest. If your designs are liked by a particular business, chances are that you are going to be hired by them. This is going to increase your chances of earning money from Instagram as well.


You should also think about how the posts are going to look beside each other and try to add variety. Ensure that all of them are not been taken from a similar angle. You can also consider the color theme and think about the various filters that you can use. Adding the “work in progress” posts is also capable of reflecting your personality to a great extent. Moreover, your potential clients can feel that they are getting unique insights. In order to know more about graphic designing and Instagram, you can visit

Using hashtags and captions

Instagram is one of the visual platforms but that does not mean that you can give any caption. The caption that you provide should be ideal and capable of complimenting the image that you have posted, which will permit you to engage in a better manner with the followers. You can offer short captions as well as relevant emojis as well. Including the call to action within the posts is a great idea as well. You should conduct proper research and try to use the hashtags that are trending currently for increasing the visibility of the posts. Ensure that you are not going overboard with the hashtags and you should not use more than 10 hashtags.

Using the video and the Instagram Stories

Videos are known to get a lot more comments in comparison to the photos. Instagram Stories, which is an amazing feature of Instagram, is a fun way of engaging with the followers as the stories are going to disappear after twenty-four hours.

Engaging with other people

A small number of followers, who are engaged, are preferable in comparison to a large number of followers who are not interested in your work. This is why it is crucial that you interact with all your followers. It is a good idea to respond back to the comments that are posted by your followers and you can also answer any questions that are asked by them. It is also a good idea to follow the people who are doing a similar kind of work and try to support them. This is going to make them feel personally connected with you. You can also create unique hashtags and encourage your followers to use those hashtags whenever they are posting anything about you.

Posting regularly

Ensure that you are not disappearing after posting once in a week. It is your duty to make sure that you post regularly and you have knowledge about the optimum times when your followers are going to be more engaged. If you post on a regular basis, you are going to get a number of followers as well.


It is easy to get lost in the huge crowd of Instagram. However, if you are looking forward to making money, you can follow the tips that have been mentioned above and gain success as a graphic designer.

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