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Being indoors with perfect room temperature is what makes us all comfortable and adjustable. Heaters are used in cold places and coolers are used for warm areas.

With Black Friday approaching, it’s time to make that home appliance purchase you’ve been thinking of. This list contains products that were on sale for Black Friday 2017. Because 2018’s deals have not been released, a look at this list will give you an idea of how products are going to be sold this shopping season.

1. Aprilaire whole house humidifier

Aprilaire whole house humidifier

Price : $110 -500. Depending on the model

Aprilaire whole house humidifiers come in a range of different models and accordingly, its prices differ. It is designed for permanent installation and is a product highly recommended for the cold winters. They are an upgrade from normal heaters as they do not leave the air around the house dry, thus making your home comfortable. It is available in bypass and steam models and depending on your selected model, you can humidify a home as large as 6,200 square feet.

Offers on Humidifiers on Black Friday 2017:

Sylvane15 % off
Mommy Tea Roombaby humidifiers starting from $15
Lowe15-25% off

2. Ceasar 40 inch Flat Linear Electronic Fireplace Black

Electronic Fireplace Black

Price : $399.99

Ceasar 40 inch Flat Linear Electronic Fireplace Black is a low energy LED flame technology that keeps you warm without the need of the traditional wood fire. A bracket and stand come with this product making it very easy to be mounted to any wall. It has six interchangeable media bed kids and 12 flame bed colors instantly brightening up any room. The flame effect of the fireplace can be used without the heating feature for design purposes.
For Black Friday 2017, Menards had the 42 inch Lyndon Electric Linear Fireplace for $99.99, making a save of $50 on this product.

Offers on Electronic Fireplaces on Black Friday 2017:

Menards30-50% off
Amazon20% off
BestBuy15-40% off

Shop for 2018 Black Friday on Menards Black Friday sale to get similar offerings on various products.

3. Vornado TVH600 TouchStone Vortex heater

Vornado TVH600 TouchStone Vortex heater

Vornado TVH600 TouchStone heater is designed to warm entire rooms and is referred to as the ‘world’s smartest heater’. This product uses Vornado’s unique vortex technology to circulate warm air throughout the living spaces. It is a product that is very energy efficient. A smart remote control allows you to automatically adjust temperatures easily for comfortable home living.

Sylvane for its Black Friday sale in 2017, had them for $129.99.

Offers on Vortex heaters on Black Friday 2017:

Sylvane15% off
TargetPrices start $29 and up
Amazon30-50% off

4. Aprilaire 8920W Touch Screen Thermostat

Aprilaire 8920W Touch Screen Thermostat

Aprilaire 8920W Touch Screen Thermostat is designed to reduce energy costs by as much as 30% annually. It has touchscreen and integrated wifi feature which lets you adjust your room temperature using your smart phone or a tablet. Voice commands ate also recognized by this product if you have access to an Amazon Alexa.

Sylvane had 20% off on this product for its 2017 Black Friday sale.

Offers on Touch Screen Thermostat on Black Friday 2017:

Sylvane20% off
Amazonupto30% off

5. Estate Design Auburn 16 inch Electric Stove Heater

Estate Design Auburn 16 inch Electric Stove Heater

Price : $65.99

Estate Design Auburn 16 inch Electric Stove Heater is an electric infrared heater that has the ambience of a wood burning stove. No ventilation and gas lines are needed. It can heat up a room of upto 400 square feet and can be used with or without the heat function. It is very easy to use and plugs easily into any standard AC outlet. This product creates an authentic and traditional atmosphere to make the feel of your winters even cozier.

Menards had the Estate Design Auburn 16 inch Electric Stove Heater at 40% off during Black Friday sale 2017.

Offers for Electric Stove Heaters on Black Friday 2017:

Menardsup to 40% off
Walmartup to 70% off
Targetoffers with conditions

This shopping season, shop for your products at Menards Black Friday sale and get great deals on your home appliances.

6. Samsung 25.5 Cu. Ft. French Door Refrigerator with Internal Dispenser – Stainless Steel

Samsung 25.5 Cu. Ft. French Door Refrigerator with Internal Dispenser

Price : $2,199

Samsung 25.5 Cu. Ft. French Door Refrigerator with Internal Dispenser – Stainless Steel is a sleek, spacious refrigerator that is compartmentalized in order for you to have your convenience around the fridge. You can control settings according to your preference when it comes to the option of freezing or chilling foods. It also features filtered water inbuilt into the refrigerator.

This product was sold at Home Depot at a discount price of $999 for Black Friday 2017. which is 50% off.

Offers for refrigerators on Black Friday 2017:

Home Depotup to 50% off
PC Richard and Sonsup to 50% off
Best Buy24-40% off

7. Lasko 36 inch 3 speed Oscillating Tower fan

Lasko 36 inch 3 speed Oscillating Tower fan

Price : $ 69.95

The Lasko 36 inch 3 speed Oscillating Tower fan is a very convenient product for individual use. Features 3 fan speeds. The multi function remote control makes it very convenient to change its settings and can be stored at the back of the fan when the remote is not in use. It also features electronic touch screen operation.

Home Depot sold this product at $46 for Black Friday sale 2017.

Offers on fans on Black Friday 2017:

Home Depot30% off
Amazonup to 40% off
Loweup to 40% off

8. LG LW8016ER Air Conditioner

LG LW8016ER Air Conditioner

Price : $ 210-250

The LG LW8016ER is one of the best affordable window air conditioners in the US market at the moment. It is an Energy Star qualified product , meaning it meets the strict energy efficiency guidelines given by the US Department of Energy. The LG 8,000 BTU 115V window mounted air con is perfect for cooling a room of upto 340 square feet. It is remote controlled and so makes using the product more convenient. Plus, this product is guaranteed to last for a long time because of its LG patented gold -fin anti corrosion coating which protects the product.

Offers on air conditioners on Black Friday 2017:

Amazon20-50% off
Targetunder 40% off
Walmartunder 40% off

Get incredible deals by shopping at Menards Black Friday sale season and load up on all your home appliance needs.

These are the stores you should visit for shopping on Black Friday deals for home appliances:

Home Depot: Home Depot has a lot of amazing deals on its Black Friday sales, slashing prices of premium home appliances up to 45%. Definitely worth browsing through their discount season offers.

Menards: The Menards Black Friday sale in 2017 had more than 500 items that had deep discounts. A lot of the home appliances were discounted at 30-60%.

Lowe’s main offer for 2017 Black Friday:

  • Upto 40% off on select appliances like LG 24.1 cu. Ft. French door Refrigerator.
  • Lowe gift card ranging from $50 to $500 when 2 or more items are bought on select appliances at least at $396 each
  • A range of other home appliances other than coolers and heaters at 50% off

Walmart: Walmart is always a place to go to bag amazing deals on home appliances. Because of the monstrosity of the store itself, wild discounts are found everywhere.

You probably now have an idea of how sales for home appliances are going to be like this shopping season. Visit various sites and compare prices and choose products best for you when you shop for home appliances this Black Friday.

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