Business Strategies for Musicians in the Digital Age

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In some ways, it’s easier because there are more opportunities online, and it’s easier to connect with your audience. However, it can also be more troublesome because of how saturated the online space is and how difficult it can be to leave your mark and make an impression to catch the eye of a record label.

Whether you’re a budding cover artist, passionate about electronic music, or just looking to book some gigs at your local bars, here are some business strategies that will help boost you as a musician in the age of TikTok and Spotify streams.

Remember In-Person Connection

First of all, the most important thing to remember is not to let the idea of the digital age take over your strategy and mindset when it comes to your music. Music is a way of connecting and expressing, and a lot of that can get lost online.

Social media livestreams are great, but you also need to remember to connect in-person too. Book those gigs, as far and wide as you can, and make your shows an experience for your fans. For this, investing in the best ATA cases and trunks for your equipment is a must, so that nothing gets damaged while you’re jetting around.

Building Your Brand

When you have some shows booked and you’ve done a few meetups with your audience, you can start focusing more on your digital presence – and this all begins with building your brand. You might be thinking that you’re not a business owner, but brand identity is crucial even for musicians.

Having a particular style or image and letting your personality shine through on your marketing, social media pages, and any content you upload is crucial, and this will help your audience to engage and get to know you better. In the music industry, connection is essential if you want to grow, so make sure you’re putting yourself out there and you’re certain of the message you’re trying to send.

Monetizing Your Music Online

Of course, in the digital age you can make money from more than just selling CDs – thank goodness! It’s important that you get set up on a platform where you can get money from streams and start earning an income from what you create.

There are a few different ways you can do this, depending on where you’re at in your career and musical journey. If you’re still early in, you can start simple by using YouTube or SoundCloud for your tracks. Once you’re signed with a label, it will be easier to get on platforms like Apple Music and Spotify.

Crowdfunding and Fan Engagement

When you’re just starting out, it can be tough to get noticed by the big guns, and you might need to take matters into your own hands and self-produce. Fortunately, with the power of social media, you can use a reliable crowdfunding site to help you do it.

This is why engaging with your audience is such a crucial step that should never be neglected.

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