Is It Better To Represent Yourself in Court or Get an Attorney?

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When you need to fight a traffic ticket, hiring a Los Angeles traffic ticket attorney may be the last thing on your mind. Many people believe it is simply too expensive to hire a lawyer for a traffic violation, and they think they will be fine representing themselves in court. Hiring an attorney from The Ticket Clinic is more affordable than you probably think, and there are plenty of advantages to gain.


Since your money is on the line, your argument may get clouded in your emotions. You may become angry and ruin your train of thought. Your nervousness may make you forget to bring up an important point. Attorneys make sure you make a good impression on the judge and will clearly articulate your argument for why the ticket should be thrown out.

Knowledge of Procedures

When you fight a ticket, there is a lot of paperwork to take care of, especially if you need to reinstate your driver’s license at the same time. A California speeding ticket lawyer will make sure everything is submitted on time. A lawyer also knows how you should act and behave in court and can provide you with pointers to make you come across better to the judge.

Best Defense

Most traffic violations have common defenses people can use. For example, attorneys may argue the photos are blurry or the camera was not working properly for a red light camera ticket. These arguments need to be clearly presented and articulated. An attorney will look at all the details of your case and present an argument perfectly tailored to you.

It is always preferable to hire an attorney from The Ticket Clinic than to represent yourself. The costs of hiring a lawyer are often less than the ticket, and you also need to consider the benefits of keeping points off your record. Schedule a free consultation with a lawyer from The Ticket Clinic by calling 1-800-248-2846.

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