Best Tips to Buy a New Battery for your Car

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Buying a new battery for your car? It is important to take a few things into consideration.
Here’s what you need to check when buying a new battery:

A Failed Battery

Before buying a new one, ensure the present one has failed. Sometimes, it may be the electrical system of your vehicle. So it is better to find out the root cause of the issue before investing in a new battery.

Group Size

When buying a new battery for your car, refer to the size of battery group recommended by manufacturer in the auto manual. Group size is an indication that the battery size that best fits your vehicle is an ideal buy. Most cars are capable of accommodating more than one group size.

Electrical System

Before fitting the new battery, check the electrical system of your vehicle


You need to keep a check on the cranking voltage. This must be more than 9.8 volts across battery terminals. You can also check the alternator charging voltage. This must be anywhere between 13.8V and 14.5V.


You should know how to interpret date codes of a car battery. You may even ask the retailer to get you the “freshest” one available in the store. Batteries sitting on the shelf for longer period of time may lose charge and may be unable to provide desired performance. Buying a fresh battery is the only way to ensure best of freshness.

Hassle Free Warranty

Have a close look at the warranty offered. It should be valid in the area you reside and allows you to access service anywhere you wish to. Also know about the free replacement period. This will let you prevent any surprises in the long run.

Value and Price

For professional advice, walk into the nearest reputed car battery store. The sales and customer service team would be more than happy to offer you required assistance and hassle-free installation and service. It is wise to buy a new battery before the existing one fails to perform.

Owner’s Manual

Each vehicle comes with the Owner’s Manual. This manual comprises of all information related to standard parts the car required for regular maintenance. Ratings of battery dimensions and ampere hour, and CA, CCA are available on the manual. Going through the latest car reviews in Hindi online will help you get more information on this.

AH Rating

Choosing a battery with Ah rating lower than the existing battery is a no-no. This may give starting trouble. The battery life may get affected. The higher Ah rating batter is good. However, choosing one with much higher rates will result in slow charging and extra load on the alternator. For low climatic conditions, choose a battery with higher CCA.


Checking battery dimensions are important. Most of the battery boxes or battery mounts are standardized. However, checking on the size to make it fit the car snugly helps.


For maintaining your own used cars in sacramento, it is good to buy one with loops or handles.

Type of Batteries

Dry Cell batteries and Lead Acid batteries are the commonly available car batteries. The dry cells are a little more expensive, yet have a longer life as compare to lead acid batteries.

Manufacturing Date

Check the manufacturing date before buying a battery.

Warranty Card

Always keep the Warranty Card handy and safe.

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