The Best 4K TVs for Gamers

Love games? Movies? TV shows? Or perhaps all three? Time to take your gaming experience to the next level with the latest 4K display! Whether you’re looking for a 4K TV with all the bells and whistles or a simple affordable display, read on to find the best option.

The Gamer’s Unique Dilemma

For general entertainment purposes choosing a TV means looking at color contrast, viewing angles, reflectance, color gamut, and the smart features. This is complicated enough process, but gaming fans have to delve even deeper into the technical labyrinth of display technology. This is because an ideal video gaming illustration is about much more than HD picture quality specs.

The Ideal Gaming Display

A great gaming TV needs to have the option to switchto a low-latency input modeor low input lag (<35ms). This is usually called a ‘gaming mode’. Plus, you can never overstate the importance of a good HDR. Manufacturers have released newer models in 2018 that have lower input lag. This is great news for gamers because it means a wider variety of responsive screens is available. Just to be clear, the recommendations made here are best applied toPC gaming (60 Hz) and standard console players.

The Most Budget-Friendly Option

Let’s start with exploring a budget-friendly and high-performance option, the TCL S405 4k LED TVs. This TV offers excellent gaming experience even though it is missing a few high-tech specs. That being said, the TCL S405 does have the low input lag required by any gaming TV worth its name.

TCL S405 comes in for display sizes, 43″ 49″ 55″ and 65″. This model produces little motion blur so you can enjoy fast-paced racing games and first-person shooters. Keep in mind the viewing angle is a bit narrow, so the display looks best when viewed directly from the front.

Bottom line, go for this if you want all the essentials, but don’t want to splurge.

The Best Mid-Range Option

Mid-range displays often have quality issues when used in a dark room, but nonetheless work great as gaming displays. For an option that isn’t too expensive, but also meets your need for crystal-clear gaming you can’t go wrong withVizio P Series 2017 LED TV. P Series displays are available in three sizes, 55″ 65″ and 75″. The input lag is measured at a low 16ms, making it one of the best mid-range gaming displays on the market.
Also Recommended:SONY X900E (49″ 55″65″ &75″)

The Top Choice

Higher-end displays are more expensive but provide the best gaming experience.If you want the best gaming TV bar none, choose the LG C7.

Consumer Reports gave the C7 an overall score of 88. The HD picture quality, sound quality, Ultra HD performance, viewing angle, and versatility, all features received the highest CR grade, “Excellent”. Available sizes include55″ and 65″.

Compared to its major competitors such as the Sony Z9D or Samsung Q9F, the C7 has crisper motion display and clearer picture. The viewing angle is wide enough to satisfy the pickiest of gamers. This feature itself makes it one of the most versatile 4K TVs available on the market.

There are a few cons that gamers will notice such as the image retention when displaying static user interface elements. The risk of burn-in is also an issue with this particular model. However, the pros far outweigh the cons.
This is one of the best gaming TVs available, we suggest you go ahead and splurge!

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