What You Should Buy Before Beginning a Career in Medicine

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By Sarah Jay

Congratulations on getting into medical school. Before you report to the school, there are a few essentials you need to have to facilitate smooth and effective learning. 

The following is a list of essential medical school supplies.

Reliable Tablet or Laptop

It seems like an obvious item, but a laptop or tablet is vital in medical school. The laptop will be your primary workhorse and an important portal to obtain and store all the required information to achieve your goals and pass your exams.

Ensure that your tablet or laptop is in topnotch condition as a crappy one or one that runs out of disk space. This can even reduce your chances of passing an exam.

The device should meet the following requirements:

  • A quality screen with high pixel dimension that will not hurt your eyes when you study for long hours
  • Large hard disk space for electronic books, lecture videos, etc.
  • Portable and comfortable to use
  • A stylus or pencil, if you intend to take handwritten notes


You will need to obtain a pair of scrubs at some point during your medical studies as mens scrubs are essential when studying medicine. Scrubs are part of the training hospital or medical school’s dress code, making it mandatory to have a pair or two. 

Some institutions have specific colors for doctors, nurses, students, etc. So, be sure of what you are required to have before buying a pair.


A stethoscope is important in clinical medicine, and you will need one when you start your rotations. Get a quality stethoscope because you will use it regularly, and you’ll be placing it on your patient’s body.

There is no need to buy a cardiology stethoscope as it is expensive. Buy the classic one or other type used at the entry level. Remember that you will still have the stethoscope after graduation; hence, you can engrave it. Engraving will prevent it from being taken mistakenly or theft, and it is also cool to customize it.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

A good pair of headphones coupled with efficient studying techniques can help you make the most out of your time. Carry your headphones to the coffee shop, the library, or the bus, and you will reap tenfold with your focus. Sometimes, it is necessary to block out the world to get through that lecture video.

Sturdy Rucksack or Carry Bag

It is important to take care of your belongings as you commute to and from the hospital and home. You need to have a sturdy carry bag that will not damage your gear or devices if it drops. It is also vital for the bag to be comfortable to your back to prevent back problems.

Therefore, considering your local climate and how you commute to med school or the hospital, think about the following when getting a carry bag:

  • Capacity: The bag should hold your laptop, equipment, and a change of clothes.
  • Durability and weight: The carry bag should be impact resistant not to damage its content upon impact.
  • Style/fashion: You can still be stylish and fashionable while studying medicine.
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