Avoiding Horror Stories Synonymous with Breast Implants

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We have all been swarmed with stories on the horrors of breast implants. Between the cancer accusations, the ‘popping’ of implants, and the botched scares—it is impossible not to worry a bit.

Of all the cringy tales of breast implants with bad endings, what is the truth? How common is it to be among a statistic of women who suffer more than gain from the procedure?

If you are considering breast augmentation, not only are these fair questions, but it is always best to educate yourself. You are, after all, about to make a very permanent decision to alter the appearance of your body. Let’s look at the facts and statistics for a better idea.

Breast Augmentation: Horror Stories Versus Realities
Breast augmentation is by far the most popular cosmetic surgery on the market. Breast implants are made from saline or silicone and come in many variations.

While it is true that sometimes accidents or issues involving implants can surface, there are realities and falsehoods behind it. You are much more likely to hear a bad story than a good one in the overall scheme of things because- let’s face it- everyone loves a shocking story.

The truth of the matter is that every type of surgery or procedure comes with its risks. After all, they are performed by humans and humans can make mistakes. The likelihood of having any negative effects is small.

What are some juicy rumors?

Breast Implants Cause Cancer

There is a widespread misconception that people who have implants have a greatly increased risk of getting breast cancer. Even if you ask around, most people will have heard this.

Or if you have breast implants already, you have probably heard a person or two say, “Don’t you know that THAT causes cancer?” While this is wildly false, there may be a slight truth to it. None like what is implied.

There is a chance that a very rare type of lymphoma called breast-implant anaplastic large-cell lymphoma, or BIA-ALCL, is linked to textured implants on a very small scale. This is said to be in the lymph nodes in the scar tissue, not from the implants themselves. This is very different from implants being tied to common breast cancers. There has been no study conducted that has shown an increased risk of breast cancer to having implants.

Breast Implants Cause Autoimmune Diseases

It has happened. A woman receives a breast augmentation. A few months to a few years after the procedure, it was discovered she also has an autoimmune disease. It must be implant-related, right?

According to studies, while it has been widely investigated, there is no definitive association between autoimmune diseases and breast implants. The most commonly diagnosed diseases reported are lupus, fibromyalgia, and rheumatoid arthritis. None of which have been linked.

Of course, studies will continue to be conducted so that science can keep up with any risks associated with surgeries, none have been found yet. All breast implants are FDA-approved and regulated.

Breast Implants Can Always Rupture

We’ve all heard a dreaded story or two. Someone who knows so and so had an implant pop. There are some facts about this. It can happen! According to the FDA, a few risks are involved when it comes to leaking or popping. It is much more common in older implants but it still does have the potential of happening. Saline can leak or rupture into the body and silicone can slowly leak out as well.

Since silicone cannot be absorbed by the body, it can slowly lump into other areas. You may not notice a silicone rupture nearly as quickly as a saline rupture due to the difference in materials.

The reality is, only a maximum of 10% of all implants are shown to rupture up to ten years after the procedure. And even better news, there are options for corrective surgery.

With the advancement in the quality of implants with passing time, breast implants will only become more durable!

Botching is Common

You have all seen the dreaded lop-sided implant, traveling implant or botched job where they looked less than favorable. You can find stories of cosmetic surgery gone wrong at any turn.

In fact, there have been entire TV shows dedicated to the topic. The reality is, plastic surgery always has the potential to go wrong like anything else. However, if you put yourself in the hands of well-educated, experienced professionals, the risks of botching are incredibly low.

It can be a real worry. You go in to come out looking better and worry that maybe the opposite will happen. Anytime you get a body-altering procedure, this will cross your mind. From overall statistics, the risks greatly increase if you trust your surgery to spas or medical facilities that are not as equipped to handle such surgeries. Having confidence in your surgeon’s abilities is of primary importance!

Trusted Hands

Now that we have gone over the reality of the situation, you can rest easy knowing your real risk as opposed to fables.

When it comes to experience and professionalism, there is none better than breast implant expert Jason I. Altman and his unparalleled staff. Knowing you are in the care of highly trained surgeons with widespread public success is essential.

If you are going to opt for breast augmentation, you deserve to feel as confident as possible! Schedule a consultation today!

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