What are The Applications of Flow Measurement Devices?

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With the growth of technology in every field, there is a huge leap in the manufacturing and construction sector. Measurement is the key principle and input for all these industries. In almost every sector, different measurement devices are used. These measurement devices have come ahead to revolutionize the measurement world. There is a lot of technical knowledge and expertise required in the development of these devices.

Types of Flow Measurement devices

There are companies in the market who possess expertise in the manufacturing of flow measurement devices. This requires a lot of technical expertise and engineering knowledge of various flow types as well as commercial experience. Many different devices are used for flow measurement depending upon the application:

  • Gas flow meters
  • Vortex flow meters
  • Thermal flow meters
  • Liquid flow meters
  • Differential pressure flow meters
  • Magnetic flow meters
  • Positive displacement flow meters

It is a long list, which keeps on increasing with the rapid increase in the need for different type of measurements. Be it heating Ventilation and Air conditioning (HVAC), automotive, marine industry, research laboratories or any other application, flow meters have different scope.

With an increase in market trend in air and water treatment applications, the importance and use of these devices are increasing. Few market leaders provide good flow meters such as Smart Measurement, who have good expertise and answers to your flow measurement needs.

Accuracy and Calibration:

It is of less importance if the pipe through which the liquid or gas flows is straight or any other shape because it is difficult to guess the easy manner. There are many irregularities in the flow of any liquid which must be taken into consideration while designing a liquid or gas flow meter. Also, these measurements are taken as an input for many further types of research and developments. Thus, the accuracy of these devices is equally important. Usually, high-end manufacturers who have expertise in this field, provide an accuracy of 95-99%.


Next to accuracy, calibration is another important aspect of these devices. It is important that these devices show the same accuracy over time and use. Also, these devices are in constant contact with the liquids and gases. Thus, a check on the accuracy of their work needs to be done. This check is usually termed as Calibration. If calibration is not done, the devices may show different results from the actual, which will affect the further application. Thus, it is important to calibrate the flow meters from time to time.

These flow meters have a wide range of applications. Let us have a look at few:

• Medical Science: Flow meters are required in Aesthetic devices and medical research. Thus, these devices must show accuracy, which if not shown, may result in an error in research results and impact the industry.

• Automotive: In automotive, different valves are manufactured in different systems such as braking systems. These valves are used for controlling the airflow or liquid flow. Some measurement devices come with a wide selection of high-quality control valves. To manufacture these devices, flow meters are used in the machines.

• HVAC: flow meters are also used for room pressure monitoring and air pressure monitoring in heating and ventilation application.

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