Annapurna Trek v/s Everest

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Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Annapurna Base Camp Trek is an incredibly famous trek, situated in the lap of the Annapurna Himalayas. Exceptional perspectives of the encompassing pinnacles will welcome you. Besides, the trek begins with lavish swamps and go higher height amphitheater at the foot of Annapurna Himalayas. You will always remember the sentiment being on the core of the Himalayas on our Annapurna base camp trek. Outdoorfunmag will help you prepare for your amazing adventure.

Everest Base Camp Trek

Trekking in the Everest region of Nepal is a lifetime encounter. Saturated with history and regular magnificence, consistently brings a wondrous ordeal as one is peppered with heaps of the outrageous and knowledge into a profoundly established Buddhist culture while climbing through a strict exhibition hall of climbing history. Our Everest Base Camp Trek consolidates amazing nature and submersion into immortal town life, an uncommon open door in a regularly evolving world.

Getting there

Everest Region

Whenever Hillary and Tenzing were fruitful in getting to the summit, the main path was to stroll from Kathmandu as no street went anyplace close to this piece of the world. Nowadays there’s a marvelous flight to the modest airstrip of Lukla, roosted on a slope. The perspectives in transit in (and out) are incredibabble, and worth the excursion alone.

Annapurna region

The portal to the Annapurnas is the loco town of Pokhara, arranged on the shores of Phewa Lake. A laid back air makes for a charming method to spend a couple of days prior or after a trek. Pokhara can be come to by transport or by means of a short flight from Kathmandu.


Everest region

Customarily populated with the Sherpa individuals and Buddhist religious communities, there is a solid feeling of deep sense of being in the Everest region. The Sherpa town of Namche Bazaar is a gathering place for Tibetan brokers to distribute their products to the Nepalese. Truth be told ‘Sherpa’ signifies ‘East individuals’ as the Sherpa individuals relocated from Tibet a few hundred years back. In the event that you are trekking in late March or April, it is conceivable that you’ll run over groups set out toward their offer to climb Mt Everest.

Annapurna region

There are numerous for all time settled towns in the Annapurnas and in the lower regions, cultivating communities prevail. One of the principle bunches you’ll experience is the Gurung individuals, especially in the town of Ghandruk. It is likewise very likely that you’ll stroll through towns that are home to the acclaimed Gurkha officers, who hail from the region. Bits of knowledge into Hinduism and Animism breath life into the communities.


It’s not all that simple to clarify this as it’s not a reasonable answer. At first look you may anticipate that Annapurna will be the simpler trek, as it is shorter and goes up to a far lower height. Therefore it tends not to be as chilly in the higher reaches as Everest either.

Having said this, we by and by feel that there are more days of soak climb (and resulting plunge) on the Annapurna trail contrasted with Everest, which can be truly tiring on the quads, and also the knees.

All things considered, the two treks ought to be endeavored with a decent base level of wellness, and ought not be messed with. You ought to counsel with your experience travel organization accomplice before doing either trek, to ensure that you’re in good shape with your wellness levels. You ought to likewise counsel with your specialist and get a wellbeing registration before going, to ensure you don’t have any niggling colds or chest contaminations before taking off.

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