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Are you looking for the best speed booster Android app for free download in 2019?
Then you have come to a perfect place. Recently, Advanced Phone Cleaner is the app that has been creating a lot of buzz by flashing it’s amazing and easy to use features. This app aims to simplify and enhance the cleaning experience of an Android user by providing Speed Booster, Battery Booster, CPU Cooler, Social Cleaner, and many more.

An Android device new or old might dysfunction any time but neither the manufacturer nor the user is to be blamed for the same. It is some of the vicious apps that are responsible for this.

Advanced Phone Cleaner is the antidote for all your problems. It is capable of offering you a device that runs faster than before, a device that is free from junk and a device that is safe from all the infectious intruders. Let us get to know about the features of this speed booster app in detail.

Features of Advanced Phone Cleaner

Features of Advanced Phone Cleaner

It is always good to do some field work before going on for something. Hence here is the detailed list of all the features this app encircles.

1. Antivirus- Who wouldn’t want to be secure and safe while using an Android? I believe no one. Threats associated with an Android platform are many as the spooky and evil developers are constantly working upon the shortcomings to gulp the private data of innocent users. This free mobile Antivirus is capable of handling your data with almost no risks. It is an expert at removing (and blocking) existing (and incoming) viruses and malware.

2. Social Cleaner- The world is upgrading and so are the people. Everyone loves to be connected to their friends and family through various social networks. We love to know the events happening in their lives and vice versa. In context to it, we download lots of media files from Facebook, Messenger, Skype, Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp. These media files find no use after a span of time. These occupy storage space in our devices. Social Cleaner aims at cleaning those waste media files so that one can extract maximum use of storage space.

3. Battery Booster- A charging port near the bed is what everybody wants these days. Practically, this can only be done when there is new construction. Portable chargers have really helped a lot to maintain the charging levels of a smartphone or tablet but it is not always compatible with the device. Battery Booster definitely is the solution to all the energy consumption. It makes sure that your battery charge is efficiently used and nothing goes in vain.

4. Duplicates Cleaner- A mobile camera has changed the concept of how people used to take photographs. It indeed is a revolutionary invention in the world of photography. Clicking photographs with the mobile cameras is like a child’s play. ‘Anyone can click’ is a new notion. Somewhere deep down we all are the ones that are never satisfied with a single photo and so we complete our desired by clicking lots of photos in the same pose. Only a couple of them makes it to the ‘favourites’. Rest, they just occupy the space. Duplicates Cleaner can provide you options to delete those similar photos. It comes with a filter which provides you options to narrow out the photos on GPS, time and extent of similarity.

5. Speed Booster- Downloading various apps to enhance the experience of using an Android platform is the basic requirement. We as smartphone users would want to enjoy every possible advancement that an Android platform is capable of offering us. On these grounds, we fill up the smartphone or tablet with so many apps. These apps hover over the storage space and slow down the speed of the device(both new and old).

Android Phone Speed Booster app provides a one-tap solution to deal with this problem. It frees up the memory by ceasing the trivial processes running in the background so that you can enjoy high speed while operating your device.

6. Junk Cleaner- Junk Cleaner is a feature that aims at cleaning a device. App usage contributes to the factor of collecting junk files, temp files, app cache, and residual files. These files are created by an app for its operation and once used, these files hold no importance in a device. These are the waste products that just occupy the storage space of an Android smartphone or a tablet. These need to be removed from time to time to maintain a healthy device. With this feature, you can effectively clean your device. This phone speed booster app will speed up your device and will create a room for additional storage space.

7. Game Booster- Latest, thrilling, and fun games are something that is available readily and in abundance on the Google Play Store. There are games that are too adhesive for gamers. They stick to their seats and mobile screens and play endlessly. Unknowingly this activity hampers the configuration of a device. Moreover, with the download of numerous games on a tablet or smartphone, the games tend to become slow. They lag and start producing glitches. Game Booster can heal this issue easily. It offers you to play your games without any lags or glitches. In fact, it aims to speed up the game by terminating other processes and makes the game as the only focus for the RAM.

8. CPU Cooler- Often ignored is one aspect of any device which is its temperature. Continuous utilization brings with itself some real problems. The device gets lethargic and the temperature of its CPU increases considerably. Surroundings also contribute to heat up a smartphone or tablet. Heating after some time may disturb the internal configuration of electronic components fabricated in the device. Hence it is very important to keep the CPU temperature under control. CPU Cooler helps resolve this serious issue by implementing a cooling technique that focuses on maintaining a normal temperature level.

9. Real-time Protection- App developers are working very hard to amuse and help Android users in various day to day activities. There are then the counter developers who aim to get into a device through invalid ways. They find an app as the best and the easiest way to sneak into a device. They can steal your information without your notice and can misuse them. You will never get to know how and when your information can be exploited. Real-time Protection can save you from getting into this honey trap laid by wicked developers. It will prompt you for the presence of any malicious intruder when you install an app. You can then choose to take the required action.

10. Device Information- Device Information serves the purpose of simplifying your efforts in terms of navigating through different options. It displays the status of Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth. It also has information about the storage and memory. Battery information like its status, voltage, health, and the temperature is displayed here. You can also find out about the device’s model and its Android version.

11. Secure Browser- Privacy of a person is something that must be respected. There are things that you may want to surf without getting into the notice of anyone and then there are certain events you would not want others to know. Some of the important activities related to financial matters must be kept protected and hidden. You may forget to log out in a normal browser and for obvious reasons, this is a risky shot to play! It can cost you the earnings of your lifetime. Secure Browser can surely help you out in keeping your secrets intact. It does not keep a record of your browsing history and clear it as soon as you exit the browser.

12. Notification Manager- Sometimes continuous notifications turning up in a device is the most annoying thing that happens to us. It just gets accumulated in the notification bar, making it untidy and clumsy. Moreover, think of the risk you can get into if someone else reads your private notifications. Spine chilling? Right! Notification Manager is the perfect tool that can protect and manage the notifications for you. It just badges the concerned icon for the number of notifications it has. So, your notifications are protected. Next, when you click on the app icon, it takes you to a screen from where you can easily manage those notifications.

13. Application Manager- Do you have umpteen apps on your phone? And you don’t use many of them? Well, Application Manager says now is the time to separate out! Application Manager is a feature that displays all the installed apps on a screen allowing you to take the backup of an app. You can then delete the app. This will benefit you by generating large spaces on your smartphone and tablet. In the future, if you feel like you need an app back, you can go to the archive and choose to restore the app.

14. File Manager- Have you ever wondered how much time you waste by navigating through different files and folders? Well, this is something you would have been neglecting or maybe this issue never caught your concern. With File Manager, a lot of time can be saved by choosing the actions you want to perform in Audio, Video, Documents, Downloads, APKs, etc. These files and folders can be sorted on the basis of various filters like size, name, and date. You can choose to open, select, and delete these images, videos, documents, etc from a single screen without having the need to find and navigate at different places.

Advanced Phone Cleaner has earned its position in the terms of the best speed booster Android app for free by offering fantastic features which simplify the lives of Android users.

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