All Truth Behind Real Raw News & Its Controversy

Did you know what is the truth behind real raw news? I know this question is shaking off your mind! After that, you want to look after ‘What is this?’ So, let me start with completely dark information about all news media.

We know that in today’s digitalized globe we all need publicity. According to this policy all news media, Real Raw News want more TRP on their news channels. To maintain, they published false news and spread myths for trending headlines. Real Raw News is a fresh news channel that produces fanciful, fictitious articles with made-to-go-viral titles.

What is Real Raw News?

In simple words, the real raw news is a part of fake news media. Another version is the virtual version online. The website is known as, it describes itself as a “devoid daily journal” that “investigates content frequently ignored by traditional media.” Since the site’s inception in late December 2020, it has published more than 150 news posts. Judging from an audience measurement service, these pieces consistently receive hundreds of thousands of views, shares, likes, and other social media platforms.

Top Fake Raw News: What was published on

It started on a website that broadcasts outlandish, patently fraudulent tales with headlines about detainment attempts, hangings, and death. Here are the few top headlines that were previously trending on everyone’s news feed:-

1. The narrative of the mass resignation of Air Force pilots was made up.

2. James Comey was executed by machete. 

3. Hillary Clinton is Hung at Gitmo” and “The Army Implements a Tom Hanks.

The author of the site, “Michael Baxter,” depicts himself as a journalist with authority over confidential material. He corrects himself when he misspells words or someone’s name. The website incorporates “humor, parody, and satire,” according to a disclaimer posted to its “About Us” page in April, yet Baxter has maintained the veracity of his words scores of times in the feedback sections on different pieces.

Of course, none of this is accurate. However, despite these headlines, the site has grown in popularity. Although the website has only been up for a little over a year.  Several tales from that period were shared thousands of times on Twitter and Facebook.

We discovered that the “Michael Baxter” beneath Real Raw News before ran at least serving other websites as well as YouTube that, while mostly removed from the internet, advocated far-fetched hypotheses ranging from the mythical planet to alien visitations.

Master Mind Of Real Raw New:

According to public documents and other accessible information, the writer’s true identity is Michael Tuffin, 53 years old, who formerly lived in Texas and also spent time in New York City.

Baxter’s true identity was not simple to discover. Throughout his live conversation with Greig, he donned the disguised mask. no longer is present, and his “UNKNOWN” YouTube account is no longer viewable.

With searches on “Michael Baxter,” Politi Fact discovered more about the individual behind Real Raw News and the rest of the sites. Baxter offered scattered data about himself in his comments on the Real Raw News site’s more than 150 stories. As we dive down and hit more diligently, the wealthy and powerful and their Press protectors become desperate and try to shut us down.

A ‘Ravelled Reality’ Chain

According to domain registration records, real Raw News was created in April 2020. It started publishing in late December. Real Raw News gained attention from PolitiFact in January when it misrepresented House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s inauguration security request, while NewsGuard became interested in the website.

When It searched the terms “Ravelled Reality” and “Michael Baxter,” it came up and a matching YouTube page. In any case, one since-deleted Real Raw News item on the imaginary planet my planet was lifted word for word from a prior Wicked Truth piece. On both sites, the title reads.

The author of Ravelled Reality, who hasn’t submitted an item since the beginning of 2020, also goes by “Michael Baxter.” And his Ravelled Reality biography corresponds to what he posted on Real Raw News.  We were unable to verify Baxter’s job history or media qualifications. PolitiFact’s questions to the Village Voice and The Dallas Morning News remained unresolved while the New York City Post declined to respond.

Our investigation into the Ravelled Reality website led us to a 2017 YouTube video featuring a conversation with “Michael Baxter” from another website and YouTube channel. The video of Baxter was found on the YouTube channel of David Greig. A New Zealander who uses the story to disprove internet allegations.

Greig discovered in 2017 that Baxter, dressed in hiding, had prepared a video challenging him to a live discussion regarding Nibiru and other similar themes. Baxter was running a website named at the time, as well as a YouTube page called “Nibiru News.” One Real Raw News item, “Delta Force Attacks Biden Complex in Ukraine,” released in January, closely matched the identical story posted on in 2017, in which It rated Bats on Burning.

Greig consented to hold a live-streamed debate with Baxter on the last day of 2017. Baxter informed Gregor in it that he started and the planet Nibiru News in 2014. In another episode from 2018, Quinn mentioned running a different website,

According to disinformation experts, it is fairly unusual for websites promoting misleading claims to be connected or for some writers to hop between sites and build new ones.

How Real Raw News Got Fake Famous? And Politifact Issues

The bizarre falsehoods like army arrests and deaths that clutter Real Raw News‘ sites stand out in comparison to other disinformation websites, but distortion researchers are concerned that Tuffin’s “trust nobody but me” style of writing is creating a template for hoax dissemination.

The bogus claims on Real Raw News are more dramatic than on many other disinformation websites. Tuffin frequently runs many pieces about the same hoax, as opposed to one-offs on other sites.

Real Raw News, a website not affiliated with QAnon, has been criticized for its dedication to hoaxing. Gregory, a senior analyst at NewsGuard, praised the website for its proper sourcing and vetting before publication. Michael Baxter, a UK journalist, has been questioned about switching to Real Raw News. Gregory believes that anyone can become a journalist, despite the potential for spreading ignorance.

Real Raw News stories and images are frequently shared on social media, where PolitiFact and other fact-checking groups debunk them. This form of “satire defense” is protective against legal problems, such as defamation claims, as it establishes the credibility and damaging nature of an allegation.


Tuffin has consistently advised viewers not to believe the mainstream press, especially networks catering to the right audiences such as One Country News, Fox News, and Newsmax. In a tagline at the bottom of several pieces. He claims that PolitiFact and other fact-checking organizations have “engaged in war” on Real Raw News.

“What bothers me is that so many of these blogs will claim to be producing stories on topics that mainstream media will not cover,” Moran added. “That if you go on Google and can’t find the story everywhere, that confirms it’s true.” That is a very hazardous type of proof since it is untrue and a very strong technique.


What is  Real Raw News?

The real raw news is a part of the fake news media industry. This site provides many fake myth news and publishes on social media.

Who is the founder of

According to public documents and other accessible information, Michael Tuffin is the founder of real raw

Where is the real raw news com company located?

With all investigation, we can not figure out the exact location of the company, but previous data indicates that this is located in Texas, USA.

Is this site good for daily news readers?

No, this site is a fake news website, I recommend that do not trust it.

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