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Unexpectedly, a piece of shocking news, Alex Lasarenko has passed away. He is a god-gifted composer and a vital asset to music organizations working on diverse projects. In the article of elivestory, we shall go into great depth about Alex Lasarenko cause of death.

Alex Lasarenko cause of death on Twitter

  • We can’t begin to understand how people must have felt to lose someone so unexpectedly.
  • As a result, his family has not released an official statement about the precise reason for his passing.
  • You can get the facts about Alex Lasarenko cause of death.

Even though we are unable to offer any conclusive evidence of his death. Thus, we have highlighted the primary reason for it. In this post, we will discuss Alex Lasarenko Cause Of Death, Biography, Age, Net Worth, etc. Besides, we will try to find the real secret of his death by emphasizing the following topics. Hence, if you are a fan of Alex Lasarenkos’ then definitely like and share this blog post with your friends.

Who is Alex Lasarenko?

  1. Composer Alex Lasarenko is incredibly skillful and experienced.
  2. His birth took place at Columbus, Ohio, USA on July 13, 1963.
  3. Also, he was known as Alexander.
  4. It includes The Dinner Rush in 2000, The Loneliest Whale in 2021, Hedwig and the Angry Inch in 2001 include the notable works.
  5. He took his last breath on 8th November 2020 at 57 years old at Bloomfield, New Jersey (USA).
  6. Equally important, the four-note Alex Lasarenko mnemonic was close to each network interlude and bumper show between 2002 and later.
  7. Subsequently, recently he wrote a Theme: “A Historical Mystery” for The Disney Channel in 2022.

Alex Lasarenko Cause Of Death

Alex Lasarenko, a god-gifted talent composer, died very unexpectedly in the year 2020 at the age of 57. He died suddenly, leaving his loved ones, friends, and fans in sadness. Although, the exact truth about Alex Lasarenko cause of death is unknown. However, it is thought that he died of medical problems or treatment.

We’ll learn more about Alex Lasarenko cause of death below. Also, we are overcome to discover that on November 8, 2020, Alex Lasarenko died unexpectedly. Alex has become a well-liked social media and entertainment star because of his specific and frequently hilarious material. Thus, it has been shown that Alex Lasarenko committed suicide after a week of rumors.  This stunning report has shaken his fans all across the world.

Investigation of Alex Lasarenko Cause of Death

  • Alex Lasarenko is a skilled composer who died at 57 years old in the USA. The sudden death had surprised his friends, fans, and family.
  • The authentic cause of death could not be discovered. There were speculations where he had died because of a medical condition or complexity in health.
  •  Alex was a wonderful personality in social media.
  • He was an entertainer and acquired huge fans because of unique content.
  • The  content is filled with humor.
  • After observing for a long time in rumours, it had confirmed that Alex Lasarenko had made suicide.
  • The problems with regional organizations include CHILDREN OF BODOM. This is the source of discomfort. It will be drowned in some way.
  • On the other hand, Alex had gone quite far. He had followers across the world. There were followers who had been surprised due to the sad news.
  •  At this time, we had the hope where Alex had the last breath because of the Coronavirus.
  • On the other hand, Kimberly Goss had been married legally.
  • She claimed that the death is due to alcohol-induced degeneration among the connective tissue in the pancreas and liver.
  • Alex had taken a mixture of opioids, painkillers, and insomnia medications. He had encountered several illnesses.
  • There is a prediction that a mixture of different ailments is responsible for the death.

How did Alex Lasarenko die?

  • However, he is believed to have died due to medical problems or treatment.
  • Additionally, we were saddened to discover that on November 8, 2020, Alex Lasarenko suddenly passed away.

How old was Alex Lasarenko when he died?

There is no solid source and information about Alex Lasarenko’s death which raised many inquiries like how he died andhow old was Alex Lasarenko when he died? The beacon of talent Alex Lasarenko was said to be around 57 years old, dying on the 8th of November, 2020.

<strong>Alex lasarenko </strong>death cause

How did alex lasarenko die?

However, he is believed to have died due to medical problems or treatment. Additionally, we were saddened to discover that on November 8, 2020, Alex Lasarenko suddenly passed away.

How old was alex lasarenko when he died?

There is no solid source and information about Alex Lasarenko’s death which raised many inquiries like how he died and how old was alex lasarenko when he died? The beacon of talent Alex Lasarenko was said to be around 57 years old dying on the 8th of November, 2020.

Biography of Alex Lasarenko

  • In 13th July, 1963, the birth of Alex Lasarenko took place.
  • Unfortunately, he died when he was 57 years old.
  • According to Wikipedia, he was born in Columbus and passed away in New Jersey (USA).
  • Moreover, he is an American of Ukrainian descent.
  • Also, he was a successful keyboardist and songwriter.
  • Afterward, his family, siblings, children, or educational history, everything is unknown.
  • If we have any new information, we’ll let you know!

Few Facts To Know About Lasarenko

  • Actual Name – Alex Lasarenko
  • Nickname – Alex
  • Birthday – July 13, 1963
  • Gender – Male
  • Date Of Death – November 8, 2020
  • Birth Place – Columbus, Ohio (USA)
  • Death Place – Bloomfield, New Jersey (USA)
  • Zodiac Sign – Cancer
  • Father’s Name – Unknown
  • Mother’s Name – Unknown
  • Nationality – American
  • Descent – American of Ukrainian
  • Religion – Christian
  • Mother Tounge – English
  • Marital Status – Married
  • Spouse Name – Ekaterina Davydova
  • No. Of Children – 2
  • School Name – Unknown
  • Collage Name – Ohio State University
  • Height – 5’4” (162 cm)
  • Weight – 53 Kg
  • Eye Color – Black
  • Hair Color – Blackish
  • Body Tone – Blond
  • Profession – Music Composer
  • Net Worth – $1.2 Million
  • Monthly Income – $4000 +
  • Salary – N/A

View Alex’s Some Data, Contact No & Email


 New York, USA

●    CREATIONS     

Founder, Executive Producer @ Tonal

Creative Director @ Elias Arts

Art Advisor @ Weber Fine Art Greenwich

Owner @ Tonal

Producer @ Elias Arts


Ohio State University

1981 – 1985

Bachelor of Fine Arts (Piano Performance)




Original Music





Movie Scoring

Music Supervision

Music Production


2 Contact No Was Found:

+141532XXXX +10205XXXXX


            3 Email Add Was Found:

  1. Alex
  2. Alex
  3. Alex 

Top Songs Compose Of Him

Song NameYear
But Not For Me1998
A Last Look Back1998
Pont Alexandre III1998
At The Window1998
The First Evening1998
Pont Alexandre IV2006
Last Look Back II2006
New York2006
The Pillow Book2006
The First Evening II2006
The Healing2006

Also, Alex Lasarenko was involved in some movies. Like Cropsey: The Business of Strangers, Dinner Rush, Pipe Dream, and The Loneliest Whale: The Search for 52, Underwater Dreams, and Desde el Principio.

Wiki of Lasarenko’s Career

  • Lasarenko was detained by Russian officials in 2003 and given a 7-year jail period.
  • Before being paroled in 2010, he had done little over seven years of his sentence.
  • Thereafter, Lazarenko restarted his business transactions after being discharged from prison.
  • But a lot of his business dealings were doubtful, and he found himself at the center of yet another scandal.
  • Yet, he is now set on stealing millions of dollars from his business associate.
  • Even though he was ultimately found not guilty of the charges, the situation severely spoiled his image.
  • Furthermore, Lazarenko has undergone recent hardship.
  • His businesses were faltering, and he was having trouble keeping his prosperous way of life.
  • However, it was thought that this financial pressure is the main reason for Alex Lasarenko cause of death.

How Alex Lasarenko Cause of Death could have been Prevented?

  • The main question is how to prevent the death of Alex Lasarenko cause of death. It is a basic question and it explores the minds of people who came in touch with him. We need to consider several factors.
  • It’s vital to admit the importance of this mental state. There is an effect on the wellness of people.
  • You might predict that Alex had been fighting against the demons within him. He had been struggling with his personal emotions and thoughts.
  • He might have looked for expert guidance. He had approached the relatives. If he had done this, the story might be totally different.
  • In addition, he has formed a great environment and it is really important. We should work to create groups. It is important to explore the Alex Lasarenko cause of death.
  • People could understand the safety of talking about hardships. They are doing it boldly in the absence of stigma or judgment.
  • You inspire open discussions on mental health. It will create a lot of difference in our life.
  • Above all, education has a major responsibility in the endeavor of prevention. By offering the resources and data on the disorders of mental health, the team can improve the awareness along with the concept in the society.
  •  It is the concept which strengthens people to point out the indications of sadness in life. There were others who got the right step.
  • The right intervention has been a major part as somebody shows the related patterns of behavior. It shows the symptoms of depression.
  • There are members of the family, friends, and co-workers.
  • They are related to Alex and they had a major responsibility by identifying the signs of warning and we are going to present assistance. We are going to look for expert guidance.


The incident of Alex Lasarenko cause of death has shocked his fans and family members alike. Finally, we have come to know the real reason for Alex Lasarenko cause of death. He accidentally overdosed on a deadly mix of narcotics, as a result of his death. This anecdote serves as a helpful reminder for us to always take the right amount and never risk extreme doses for additional advantages while using any medication or substance. Therefore, may we use this opportunity to honor Alex Lazarenko, whose life was tragically cut short too soon.

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