Advice from a Personal Injury Lawyer in Vancouver: Multi-Vehicle Accidents

It’s no secret that being in a single-car accident can be a stressful, and even traumatic experience. However, when there is more than one vehicle involved, things tend to get a little bit more overwhelming.

In fact, since there are several vehicles involved, factors, such as determining who is at fault, can make the whole situation quite complicated and hard to understand. Therefore, by knowing and understanding what to do when involved in a multi-vehicle accident, you’ll be able to better protect yourself, as well as protecting your legal rights.

If you’ve been injured in a multi-vehicle accident, don’t hesitate to contact our team of Vancouver personal injury lawyers. Our team of skilled professionals will be more than happy to discuss your legal rights and obligations.

Below, we’re going to be going over some tips on what to do when involved in an accident involving multiple vehicles. Remember, that above all else, your safety should be your number one priority when involved in any sort of vehicle accident.

Make Sure It Is Safe to Exit Your Vehicle

After an accident takes place, the first and most important thing is to make sure that everyone is okay. If there are other people in your vehicle with you, check and make sure that no one has sustained any serious injuries, and then, the next step is to make sure it is safe to exit your vehicle, before getting out.

In multi-vehicle accidents, such as a pile-up on a major highway, it can sometimes be dangerous to leave your vehicle since the accident may not be finished just yet. Therefore, the best thing to do is to remain seated in your vehicle, with you seat belt secured, just in case your vehicle gets hit again.

At this time, if you have a cell phone with you, it’s a good idea to alert emergency officials of the accident and let them know your location. Remember, notifying authorities of your location is especially important when multiple vehicles are involved.

Also, never rely on witnesses to contact officials. While it is quite likely that someone else will also call the accident in, it’s best to make sure by calling it in yourself. Read more about multi-vehicle accidents here.

Multi-Vehicle Accidents

What to Do Next

The initial shock and adrenaline rush experienced during an accident can sometimes make it so that our injuries go unnoticed. Therefore, if you’ve determined that it’s safe to exit your vehicle, the next thing you need to do is to be checked out by medical professionals to ensure you’re not injured in any way that you may not have noticed.

Also, in the event that you need to go to court for any injuries sustained in the accident, getting checked by medical professionals ensures that your injuries have been properly documented and that you did, in fact, receive medical attention immediately after the accident.

Then, if you’re not injured, the next thing to do is to try and document as much information as possible. This includes taking photos of the damage, as well as speaking with any eye-witnesses if they are willing to provide statements about what they saw. Finally, remember to write down your witnesses contact information, which could come in handy should their testimony be called upon in court.

How Fault Is Determined in Multi-Vehicle Accidents

With multi-vehicle accidents, determining fault is no easy task. It requires a careful examination of the details surrounding the event, as well as reviewing witness testimonies and examining any photos of the accident scene.

Because of the fact that there are so many factors involved in determining fault in this particular type of accident, the best thing you can do is seek legal guidance from professionals you know you can trust.

Read more about determining fault in multi-vehicle accidents here:

Have You Been Involved in A Multi-Vehicle Accident?

In the event that you’ve been involved in a multi-vehicle accident, contacting a lawyer to seek legal guidance is always in your best interest. Not only does speaking with a legal professional help you understand your rights, they can also help you learn about compensation in the event that you’ve been injured in the accident.

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