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If you are looking to test Adidas’ latest items, then the Adidas product testing program is for you. In the program for a period of time, the three bars send shoes and other equipment to selected individuals to test out. Product testers will mail it back to you in a few weeks later.

You will take the opportunity to test their new products and provide feedback to the company. Not only do you get the latest products for free, but you also make the chance to control the development of future products. In this article, we will share with you how to become an Adidas product tester. Also, start to get free Adidas products to test and keep.

After that, the company and Adidas know what they think. The program is on break currently. But the recruitment process will open again in the future according to the website.

What Process To Become An Adidas Product Tester

Adidas is the world’s second-largest sporting goods company. They made their kit mainly for soccer, football, running, and tennis. To ensure that the consumer has a faithful product in their hand Adidas conducts relentless testing. Consumers did not know what goes into Adidas product testing, but it is essential to assist keep consumers safe and satisfied.

Adidas is the top and most widely-recognized sports brand in the world. They have a lot of variety lines products. Going from shoes to apparel. If you are interested in Adidas’ new product testing then you can become an Adidas product tester.

Testers checked the latest Adidas design products. And try out their most popular shoes for free. They get favorable test gear. And they are searching for regular people as well as athletes of all types. Adidas also offers apparel testing of all shorts products like bras, tights, pants, shorts, and more. 

What Is Their Product Testing Program

Adidas’ product testing program was invented in the year 2015. And it going strong day by day. The program provides their customer with the opportunity to test and review new Adidas products. And positively share their experience with the world.

The program has hugely improved customer relations. To make them more meaningful and give feedback on what they need to work on.

Besides the free shoes and apparel and the ability to test their new products and also try their new gear. These are the most appealing things about being an Adidas product tester. Testers who are curious about the newest footwear and apparel products they are written blogs on the internet. You got consider applying as a product tester for Adidas if you have an interest in trying out some new products.

How Works Their Product Testing program

First of all, you need to register on their website and signed up to become a tester. Then add it to the database and you will become eligible to test products when they are available. The product tester team will recruit from some category basis like shoe size, apparel size, demographic profile, geographic location, also sports and athletic profile.

If you are selected as a product testing prospect then you will receive an e-mail invitation. They will mail you the product’s instructions on how to assess the product if you accept their invitation. Then you will test the products in their given periods which is usually 2-4 weeks.

Some tests you will cover with the normal routine. But others are precise logs of your activity, amount of mileage, or even a short survey. You will mail the product back for inspection when the end of the testing period and evaluation. You will never pay for shipping or handling.

What Are The Requirments Adidas Product Testing

Adidas initially want those people who have a passion for sports, fashion, and the Adidas brand. Let’s talk about some minimum requirements for participants.

You must live in the US or Europe.

You must have internet access and a valid e-mail address.

Comfortable reading and writing in the English language.

Your age is at least more than 18 years. 

Good at body measurements.

You can’t test any competitor products.

You do not allow to share any information related to the product which you are testing.


The Adidas product testing program gives an excellent opportunity. To test some recognized

world-class equipment and sporting gear. Also, it can be your incursion into becoming a shoe expert and you can move on to bigger things for the future.

Not only that, Adidas makes chances for real people who are testing their products. From a marketing viewpoint, it is wonderful publicity. However, they also try to connect with their audience in a better manner. This is because their target element can feel the pleasure of wearing the same equipment or same sporting clothes as some of their idols.

The application process is very simple and easy. Also, easy to understand the given instruction for testing and leaving feedback. If you are interested in becoming a product tester or you are an Adidas product lover, then you can apply to join the program. We hope that this article can fulfill your requirements about product testers.

FAQ Section

What Is Adidas Product Testing Program?

Adidas created the program in the year 2015. The main reason is to start the program that about customer feedback and real-life data on their unreleased objects. The program permits to test their new products by regular people and offered them to give feedback.

What do Product Testers Do?

Once signed up, Adidas send testers to check their products. It is like a new product line to try out.

How To Signup Into Adidas Product Testing?

You must have a valid e-mail ID. Then go to their site and put your personal details and fill in their required detail, then submitted to it and you become a product tester.

Why Become An Adidas Product Testing Operating?

It is the only way to get unreleased sneakers, running shoes, or other products to develop for becoming an Adidas product tester.

Do I Need To Pay Money For This?

No, you can test the products absolutely free of cost. There is no money needed to pay you.

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