9 Best Side Hustles for Couples

Looking to spend more time with the love of your life? Partnering up in a side hustle with your partner will not only increase your earning power but will also strengthen your bond and contribute to your family’s finances. Read on to find out some of the best side hustles for couples! Here are the 9 best side hustles for couples to earn you cash and strengthen your bond as partners!


They say, ‘if you find a job that you love doing, it won’t feel like work!’ While this proves true in most cases, have you ever thought about working with the person you love? Without a doubt, working with your loved one will make work feel easier and create more opportunities for you to bond and create fun memories together.

Indeed, working together as a couple will not always be roses and unicorns. But, even so, the benefits you stand to gain simply outweigh all the risks and bad moments. The money you earn as a couple can help you pay off your student loans, buy a new house and start a better life together, just to mention a few benefits.

Consider the following 9 best side hustles for couples that are worth starting:

Offer Pet Care or Babysitting Services

Consider offering pet care or childcare services to your friends and neighbors as a couple. Since it will be the two of you, you will be able to care for more children, or even both children and pets at once. The more children and pets you care for; the more profits you will make.

Invest in the Stock Market

Investing in the stock market is quite risky. Even so, it is one of the best ways you can earn money and secure a better future for yourself and your partner, especially when you know the best websites for stock research. Even better, you can invest in the stock market for as little as $5 to $10.

Provide Home Improvement Services

If maintaining homes and gardens is a passion that you both enjoy, you can consider offering these services to the local community. Also, take advantage of online platforms, such as Thumbtack and TaskRabbit; create a profile on these platforms and offer cleaning, landscaping, and home improvement services at a fee.

Start Real Estate Investment

Did you know that you do not have to be a millionaire to invest in real estate? As long as you know the best stocks to buy today in real estate, you can create a good investment even with little capital. For example, you can consider investing in REITs which allow you to buy into crowdfunding platforms or buy shares of property portfolios.

Become Resellers

Each person has that one thing (or things) that they no longer use or need in the house. As a couple, consider selling out these things to earn extra cash. Also, look for free stuff on Craigslist or find cheap items at local garage sales. Then, resell these items locally and online on apps such as Poshmark and eBay websites.

Start a Blog

You can consider becoming bloggers for couples with a knack for writing and good knowledge of digital marketing. However, to become a successful blogger, you must get an SEO-optimized website and provide regular content to your visitors. You can also generate more traffic to your blog by advertising it via social media and newsletters.

Become Third-Party Sellers on Amazon

In 2018, Amazon’s third-party sellers registered $160 billion in profit, clear proof of how this platform can help you make money. And the good news is that you don’t need much capital to start selling on Amazon. Better yet, you do not need to conduct any product research; instead, simply use online tools to help you choose a good product and begin selling.

Sell Crafty Works On Etsy

Can you make creative candles, face masks, wine koozies, woodwork, spice mixes, crochet items, or other crafty works at home? If so, simply start an Etsy shop and start selling your creative works online. This online shop provides you with an excellent platform to market and sells your products for a profit.

Become a Virtual Assistant Duo

To become a virtual assistant duo, you need to offer administrative or organizational skills. For example, you can contact clients online and offer services like handling their travel arrangements, scheduling, and email communications. The good thing about virtual assistance is that you can offer it remotely and from the comfort of your home.


If your dream is to work with the person you love, then these 9 best side hustles for couples are just for you! Start one or more of the above hustles, and you will never have to spend more time apart from your partner. You will make more money to meet both your financial needs.


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